Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here's an Associated Press article about Charlie Crist planning on increasing the State of Florida's budget by $2.7 billion...

spending by $2.7 billion during the next budget year.

Crist unveiled his full $69.2 billion budget recommendation Friday in
Tallahassee. The next budget year begins July 1.

It includes about $1 billion in additional federal money for Medicaid
that Congress has not yet approved, but Crist said he's confident it
will pass. (is that what Obama is whispering in his ear?)

The governor over the past week has been traveling the state to announce
key parts of the plan. They include a $535 million increase for public
schools, $100 million more for universities and an additional $67
million for state and community colleges.

Legislative leaders, though, say they are facing another tight budget
year and have been skeptical of Crist's proposals.

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Again Crist is showing his true colors, which is far from a fiscally responsible Republican... This is exactly why we need to send a strong message in the upcoming primaries and choose MARCO RUBIO to represent our conservative values from Florida's fifth congressional district...
If you haven't taken the time, I urge you to visit Marco's website and donate to his campaign...
Believe me when I tell you, I'm as financially strapped as the rest of you, but it's better to pay a little now than a bunch later... I've set up a small automatic payment each month which eases the impact on my budget...


  1. Yes, Christ is showing his true colors. I really hope that Marco Rubio is elected in Florida. Christ is a spendthrift just like Obama. The RINO must be be de-horned and thrown out of office in November.

  2. Right on! I have met Rubio and he seems like a sincere CONSTITUTIONAL conservative. He has my vote and I am working on his election committee. I have never done that before. I have never cared so much before. We are in for the fight of our lives and we all have to do what we can. I know we can make a difference one elected official at a time.

    On a side note. Did you see the Republic's gushing because OBama graced them with his presence at their meeting.

    PLEEEEASE. It is only because we have his back up against the wall. NOW he wants to work with them. No more politics as usual please. Vote the bums out.

  3. Bro,

    We all need to be backing Marco Rubio as much as possible!

    He is the only true conservative we have.

    Teresa Old Charlie boy has enough of an ego without calling him "Christ!" His name is Crist. Now as far as the other jurk in the picture my wife firmly believes he is the "AntiChrist!"

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. I lived in FL for 10 years and Charlie Crist is NOT a true conservative. I stole your crying Obama--saw it on another site also so gave you both credit and links. Also I added you to my blogroll at Obama Cartoons. Drop by and if you like link back. I'll try to leave a link don't know if it will be accepted Obama Cartoons

  5. All the RINOs need to go. Time to clean house.

    My brother lives in the Tampa area, but he's not as politically involved as I wish he would be. Come election day he will vote appropriately though.

    Right Truth

  6. I wish to blow up the picture of O&C to poster size and use it for target practice!

    Rubio for Governor!