Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Open Letter To All Democratic Senators! (L)

The following is a sample of the letter I have sent to all of the Democrats in the United States Senate:

Dear Senator,

Please be advised that if the Democrats try to cram a Health Care bill down the throats of The American People using any form of reconciliation, there will be "HELL TO PAY"

After all you work for us! "We The People" have come out in overwhelming numbers against the House and the Senate bills! It is time to listen to "We The People"

Here's a novel idea! How about you invite some of your Republican colleagues to meet with you to share their ideas as well. You should also have these meetings in public and televised on CSPAN as your President said numerous times on the campaign trail. REMEMBER!

When you ignore the "Will of the People" you will find that you are committing political suicide!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!


  1. Where do I sign?
    That letter needs to be on the front page of every news paper in the country... Perhaps if in the New York Times a few of the Kool-Aid drinkers might even read it... Better yet we could have Keith Overblown read it on MSNBC...

  2. This should be a very interesting year, especially after Scott Brown's election. Obama is going DOWN. At least I sure hope so.

    Saw your comments at my sweet hubby's place, "The Grouch at Right Truth". So you are moving to Tennessee???

    Right Truth

  3. Debbie,

    (P) will never leave Florida, he thinks there should be DNA testing as we have been told we are twins!

    My wife and I bought land in Perry Co. about four years ago. It is between Linden and Hoenwald. The sun rises between our place and town!

    My wife is from Chicago originally but has lived in Florida since the late 50's. We plan on moving there when I retire. That was going to be in three years, but who knows with the mess Obummer has us in.

    Thanks for stopping by, I get a kick out of your hubby!

  4. Obama certainly hasn't gotten the message and I feel many Senators will never listen to the voters who are screaming at them now. Only 1/3 are up for re-election this time so most will NOT here the roar of the crowd and will continue on their merry way. Great letter a few will get the message sent by the voters, while others will have their ticket punched.

  5. right on.
    i love the name of your site!
    keep it up!

  6. "L", Perry County is next door to us. Linden is about 15 minutes from us and Hoenwald maybe 30 minutes, not exactly sure. My hubby, the Grouch ( )
    plays bass guitar in a band as one of his hobbies. Several of the band members are in Perry County.

    My brother is in Florida, the Tampa area.

    Right Truth

  7. Constitution= 15 pages-if my count is correct...
    Health Care Bill= 2,000 pages!!!!

    Which is the superior document....

  8. I love the letter! I think that I'm going to write a similar letter and send it off to Snarlen Arlen and Casey. Obama is deliberately ignoring the will of the people because he's a tyrannical ignoramus. We must defend the Constitution and stop Obama from ripping it to shreds. Let's kick all the commies out of office.

  9. Loved the letter! The "Will of the People" refuses to be ignored.

  10. Great letter! Way To Go (L)!!