Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Democratic senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota is the first to say "No Mas, No Mas" the term made famous by boxer Roberto Duran in his fight against Sugar Ray Leonard...
Dorgan is the first of what inevitably will be many Democrats who will choose to quit rather than be humiliated in the upcoming November elections...

It seems that the mere thought of having to climb into the ring with Republican Governor John Hoeven who has not officially announced his intentions to run, but is strongly considering entering the race, is enough to send Dorgan to his corner saying "get these gloves off of me, I don't want any part of this"...
Dorgan I'm sure will be the first of many who will lament to the fact that in the words B.B. king, "The Thrill Is Gone"... (What's that running up your leg now Chris Matthews?)


  1. Too bad these Dems don't quit BEFORE they vote for all of these disastrous bills being pushed through Congress...cowards!

  2. I guess I went to bed too early, as it seems Chris Dodd has thrown in the towel as well... Damn good thing he got that "sweetheart deal" it's going to be hard for him to pay his mortgage on an unemployment income...

  3. Bro,

    That bastard gets his salary and "HEALTH CARE" for the rest of his miserable life!

    Lock & Load!!!

  4. The rats are on the run!

    "No Mas, No Mas" made me laugh.. it is my mantra to this day on the golf green when I chunk a putt, as I always exhibit hands of stone like Durans'.

  5. love the patriot micro chip..ha p.s. if u decide to leave a comment at WHT, please dont put your link in the comment field because my spam filter will spam ya..keep up the fight..and don't lose heart! :)

  6. Dorgan and now Dodd! Wonder which progressive will fall next--some of these guys are also in the Republican party. Sadly many in Washington still haven't gotten the message.

  7. Love the NO MAS tagline, I hope to see more of it in the following months. As for Dodd, rumor has it the anticipated democratic replacement has a better chance of getting elected. Almost makes me wish he had stuck around..

  8. Obama won't fire anyone for incompetence because that would mean he would have to take responsibility for his failure to protect the country - something he doesn't care about.

    Perhaps the bigger question is --- why was Napolitano given the job in the first place? She is woefully unqualified and her job performance simply validates that fact.

  9. I'm so glad to get rid of Dodd, he is one of the main ones responsible for the finacial mess we are in. Now if we could get rid of Barney Fwank.

    To add to what the Professor said, Napolitano is clearly in over her head.