Saturday, February 5, 2011

"DUMBO" Has Gone A Step Too Far...... (L)

 "DUMBO" has gone a step too far this time! I can not sit back and let this Traitor, Socialist, S.O.B. send our Great Nation and our allies any further down the path of destruction....

It is one thing to bow to muslim leaders, pass the biggest fraud of a bill ever perpetrated on the citizens of our country Obummer Care, add $4,000,000,000,000 to our national debt, and totally blow the "Gulf Oil Crisis" just to list a few stupid things he has done.

"DUMBO" has now succeeded in throwing America's greatest ally The United Kingdom under the bus to help get Russia to sign one of the most dangerous treaties this country has ever entered into in it's history. The "START" treaty puts the United States in a huge disadvantage when it comes to nuclear weapons, and our standing in the world. Russia and the rest of the damn world has no business knowing what and or how many nuclear weapons we possess. It is none of their damn business!

It was not that long ago that Ronald Reagan and the United States succeeded in delivering a crushing blow to the Soviet Union, and after decades winning the "Cold War". Now we are telling Russia just how many Trident missiles and other atomic weapons the United Kingdom has. In my mind this is an act of such grave consequences it should be enough to bring "DUMBO" up for impeachment....

Just how far will we let the least qualified president this country has ever seen lead us down the path of destruction?

Lock & Load!!!
Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!