Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know that Glenn Beck is formulating a plan to regain our REPUBLIC, and will be releasing information as it is becomes available culminating in a huge rally at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th of this year... (which of course co- insides with the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech) I'll admit that like the buzzard, patience has never been my strong suite...

I think with all the brilliant minds out there in the blogosphere, we should be able to come up with some ideas of our own... I don't think that secrecy is needed, it's not as if the "left wing whackjobs" don't know we're coming after them guns a blazing... (before you liberals soil yourselves, that was metaphorically speaking, at least for now)

Here's where my expertise ends (sorry, I'm not computer savvy) as far as the ability to produce some form of website or interactive blog that people could use as a sounding board for ideas... The enemy has been organizing for years, it's time we did as well... I'm going to toss out a few ideas and would dearly love to see others responses as well as additional ideas...

  1. Grass roots voter education on the real issues...
  2. Voter registration drives targeted towards conservative values... (no quotas, we're not ACORN)
  3. Fund raising efforts to support True Conservative candidates...
  4. Candidate forums in which we can weed out the liberals in conservative clothing...
  5. Instead of "Rock the Vote" how about "Rocking Chair the Vote"... (literally going to nursing homes and registering voters with their mental capacities still in tack, who just may need help filling out mail in ballots or transportation to polling places)
  6. I know there must be a few conservative lawyers out there that would be willing to use our court system to tie up legislation that threatens our "Rights and Freedoms"
  7. Continue / Intensify the "Tea Party" protests... Astro Turf My Ass...
  8. Now a few from their play book...
  9. Complete character assassination of liberal candidates... (similar to their attacks on Sarah Palin)
  10. Voter intimidation... (instead of Black Panthers, how about Sweet Little Old Ladies with rolling pins)
  11. Civil disobedience, let them know we're tired of their crap... (maybe slap a liberal day) or (unplug an electric car day) or (help a liberal across the street day) no really, "wink, wink"...

My caffeine buzz is wearing off, but let's not drop the ball on this, there's far too much at stake here...

Lock and Load!!!

Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!


  1. Bro,

    The idea that anyone reading this blog (with the exception of the occasional troll) is going to slow down for one second in the fight to get our country back is utterly preposterous!

    We must continue the fight to stop Obamacare, Cap and Trade, and all of the other insidious bills this Marxist Regime is trying to cram down our throats! Then we must work our tales off to make sure we dethrone all of the Leftist Assholes that are trying to lead this Great Nation toward Socialism and a "One World" multicultural society!

    This can only be achieved if more of us get out of the blogosphere and into the streets to show the rest of America that they are not the only ones with similar ideas. I know many people our age and older that do not have any clue about what goes on in these blogs. Although these blogs are a tremendous help, they are not reaching all of the people. We need to reach all of the people!

    To the people reading this blog, please make your best effort to attend the Glenn Beck "Plan for America" rally in DC on August 28th. My wife and I already have made our plans, we would love to see you there! If any of you attended the 9/12 rally you know how powerful this can be!

    Our Founding Fathers had it so right! How have we allowed it to get so screwed up?

    This is my pledge to you, my wife, my kids, my grandkids, and all of America:

    I will spend the rest of my life trying to bring America back to Greatness and to end this Political Correctness Bull Shit that is destroying our Great Nation!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Librty Unite!!!

  2. Excellent Post!! You have some great ideas. I especially like civil disobedience because at this point I think thats the only way Congress is going to pay attention and listen to us.

    The Tea Parties and Town Hall attendees are definitely a grass roots phenomenon.

    I can't wait to hear Glenn Beck's plans for regain our Republic.

    Do you mind if I repost this and give you a linkback?

  3. Teresa, you've got it---civil disobedience is the ticket with those 70 year old granny's being carted off to jail the MSM would report. I've always thought this was the way to go. Without a doubt, Beck is the man of the hour, a latter day Paul Revere, a man sounding the alarm!

  4. Teresa and Ron,

    Civil disobedience may be the best way to get our message out!

    This Nation can not wait for our politicians to straighten out this mess on their own! We must show them the way! I for one would gladly go to jail if it would help to get this Great Nation back on the RIGHT path!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Son & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. Tersa feel free at anytime to repost any of our rants...

  6. This is a great post! I think that these ideas are really spot on and could make a difference. There are a ton of conservative community sites already, so another won't help, and there IS a conservative legal group who represents conservative values. Pacific Legal Foundation is the one trying to get the water turned back on in the San Joaquin Valley and the one that represented the music teacher who was fired for playing an African song with the word "God" in it. Here's a link to their site if you're interested:

    The other thing that I would add to this list is that we do our own part to put an end to political correctness, it's rampant and crazy at this point that we can't even say "God" or "Merry Christmas" or that the people who are trying to destroy us are Muslims. It's out of control, and our civil liberties and very lives are at stake.

    Hehe, at the putting some little old ladies with rolling pins next to the Black Panther contingent, my plan was for it to be some kind of Hell's Angel group, but I like the little old lady thing way better. ;)

    Turning their own playbook on them is also going to be key. One thing we can never ever ever do is to become violent (well, you know, first). That is what they are panting for, once that happens, the tides turn and we are truly the bad guys. Lefties can beat people, bite off fingers, and call people the "N" word all day long, but the second we so much as kick one in the shins, we're done.

    And I'm with L, no way are any of US going to lose our fire.

  7. I'm giggling and clapping over your list at the same time! FANTASTIC
    Odd you'd mention the oldsters because I honestly believe that, somewhere in his hidden mansion lair, George Soros is bemoaning the fact that he launched this Obama kid ten years too early to do real damage to the States; if they'd waited another 10 years, the oldsters who remember the real America and need healthcare as we all know it, wouldn't be around to complain and speak up at Tea Parties and Town Halls and threaten their congressmen, etc....they miscalculated by five or ten years. They got our indoctrinated kids but the oldsters VOTE! (heh heh!)

    L's comment above ROCKS but I think he's wrong, sadly. I think PLENTY of people are getting OBAMA FATIGUE and just don't want to fight anymore (drat)...good Conservative bloggers have quit, people are worn out and worried. We have to encourage them with stuff like L wrote in the rest of his comment and the rest of your good commenters. FIGHT ON...!! Do NOT believe the myth that we can't save this country.

    My dear husband suddenly died 2 months ago and I miss everything about him but one thing makes me smile the most; When I'd come home, I'd say hello and go straight to my blog and he'd always say "Get busy, honey.. you have a country to save!"

    He used to say "World" but I told him the country was difficult enough :-)
    GET BUSY, everybody...we DO have a country to save...and all of your suggestions here are terrific but we've got to GET THE KIDS BACK or it won't matter HOW HARD WE WORK, folks, those left-indoctrinated kids will screw it up the minute they can be promised freebies and reminded how America's too big for her britches and terrorists and Russia will LOVE us and back off if we're just nice to them (GAG) (AS IF)...we have to CHANGE THEIR MINDS...and oldsters acting cute won't do it!!! As fun as that sounds!

  8. Z,
    First allow me to extend my condolences on the passing of your beloved Mr. Z... You'll laugh to hear that that is pretty much the same in this household... I get home and watch Glenn Beck, Tammie gets home about half way through and I rewind and watch the first half again... We decide what we'll do for dinner and she says "go save the world"... I keep telling her it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it...

    You are precisely right about the kids... We have four grand kids two are only two, but the two in school I'm really concerned as to how they are being indoctrinated... We truly need to regain our ability to raise our children as we see fit and not have the liberals in the school system brain wash them into servants of the state...

  9. Born Again, you're a good guy and I'm so glad we're blogging together. Give Tammie a hug; cherish each can't imagine how painful the loss is and it's getting only harder after 2 1/2 months. Thanks so much for your condolences. I'd very much like you to read Mr. Z's last post

    I hope you, Tammie and L read means a lot to me that more and more people do because I think it was something he was 'supposed' to write...2 weeks before God took him in his sleep after a diagnosis of a mean disease which strikes 8 in a million and would have caused a year of hell and then probably death, anyway. I just keep thinking God must have loved my Mr Z ALMOST as much as I did :-)
    by the way..super post. You crack me up.

  10. Z,
    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I keep copying the link and pasting it and it keeps asking me to sign into my google account, so I do and it prompts me to do it again... I really would love to read the post, what am I doing wrong?