Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Any resemblance of this to something Bob Dylan penned in the sixties is merely coincidental...

Come gather 'round conservatives
Where ever you roam
And admit that the politics
Around you are blown
And accept it that soon
You won't recognize your home
If your country to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start votin'
Or your rights will be gone
For the times are not a-changin'

Come tea partiers and patriots
Who march with your signs
And show the left wing liberals
We're not freakin' blind
And look where we're headin'
Cause we're gathering steam
And we're tellin' you now
We're a comin'
For you Marxist now
You're not comin' in
For the times are not a-changin'

Come senators and congressmen
Please heed the call
You're days are numbered
We're sick of you all
For he who's voted out
Will be he who will fall
There's a movement outside
And it is ragin'
It'll soon shake your chambers
And rattle your halls
For the times are not a-changin'

Come fathers and mothers
Through out our land
We're counting on you
You must understand
For your sons and your daughters
We must make a stand
Our republic
Is rapidly changin'
Barack Obama you'll never win
We're not going home, we'll never give in
For the times are not a-changing

Protest lines have been drawn
The votes we will cast
The status quo in Washington
Is a thing of the past
You Marxists now
Will never last
Our freedom to us
Is worth savin'
Our founders came first
And we'll never be last
For the times are not a-changin'


  1. Great blog Perry and Larry! I just read the entire blog. You should mention Barny Frank the "Banking Queen" and Senator Dodd's partner in grime. Goltz

  2. Bill, consider it done... I saw on Glenn Beck tonight that Barney Frank and John Conyers have launched a review of ACORN... Not an investigation, but a review... I see a wrist slapping coming, I only hope Barney tapes up his limp wrist before he issues such a repremand...

  3. No Change = Stagnation = Death

    Bye-bye conservative wackos!

  4. Good One Bro!

    Sam the only death that is coming is that of the leftwing, socialists, wackos that think that REAL AMERICANS are going to sit by and let morons like you destroy our country!

    If BO is sooooo great, how come he will not show his lying face on Fox News? Is he afraid of Chris Wallace?


  5. How true how true. Though I tend to believe the times ARE a-changin, simply because all us angry conservatives got off the couch and did something about this instead of yelling at the TV screen.