Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I consider myself an idiot because 22 years ago I dove off a boat and rendered myself a quadriplegic... I also consider myself an optimist, the bright side being it got rid of my last wife... (should have done it years before) Stupid I'm not and that is precisely why I'll fight to my dying breath to insure the current administration is not allowed to Fundamentally Transform our country...

The liberal intellectual elite, extreme left radicals want to change our nation into something I firmly believe will be so radically different that you, not even in your wildest dreams (or more likely nightmares) could imagine... They think we are too stupid to breathe, let alone think for ourselves... They somehow have surmised that only they know what is best for us... If Michael Moore is representative of this group, they deserve this moron and anyone who pays to see the garbage he creates are perfect candidates for a frontal lobotomy... (I wonder if their precious health care reform will cover this procedure)

The last time I checked, we the people are still in charge and we must not allow this disease to flourish... The swine flu (I mean H1N1) may be able to kill you, but the disease these rodents carry will only make you wish you were dead...

The conservatives not only need to regain control, but lead by example, (clean up our act as well) thus allowing us the right to call the kettle black... (OMG does that make me a racist)


  1. Sorry but you are and idiot and a very stupid loser!

  2. Sam I beg to differ with your assesment of me... You see Sam, I don't need to troll liberal sites and post stupid remarks to get my jollies... Yes Sam, unlike you, I've actually seen a vagina...