Monday, September 14, 2009

9-12 Project Rally Huge Success (L)

Let me start by saying thanks for the prayers! It was a beautiful day and there was not a bit of trouble.
What an incredible day! The atmosphere was electric and the people were great! If you read Glenn Beck's email alert today the crowd is now estimated in the hundreds of thousands instead of tens of thousands. We knew it was bigger than the mainstream media was reporting. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have people stretched from the Capitol to the Washington Monument that there is a few hundred thousand people if not a half a million or more.
Terry Lee and I worked our way up to within about seventy five yards from the stage and heard several great speakers including Senator Dement from South Carolina.
I now have to quote something from Sunday's Washington Post (Probably the first and only time I will ever purchase a Washington Post.) "The demonstrators are part of a loose-knit movement that is galvanizing anti-Obama sentiment across the country, stoking a populist dimension to the Republican Party, which has struggled to find its voice since the 2008 elections." OK if you are done laughing now I will continue.
I've got news for Emma Brown, James Hohmann, and Perry Bacon Jr. Washington Post Staff Writers and the rest of the world for that matter, we are more than a loose-knit movement! We are well on our way to derailling Obama Health Care, ACORN, SEIU, and the damn Czars too! As Glenn Beck stated, "They have awoken a sleeping giant!" And guess what, "That Giant is Pissed!"
Let's keep up the good fight, and may God Bless You All!


  1. Thanks for the update and you are so right, we are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore...

    The MSM are still getting their marching orders from Washington and liberal left... The funny thing is nobody pays attention to the MSM, that's why NBC, ABC & CBS have their ratings tanking along with Obama's...

  2. A huge success? Racists with misspelled, idiotic signs? A success, only if your a FOX/FAUX News fan...