Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Obama will be addressing the joint houses of congress this evening in what will be his 28th speech on health care... I wonder if this will be the magic speech which will convince all the Nay Sayers? The truth of the matter is he's fighting for his political career tonight... Not only is health care reform at stake, but his ratings have tanked to the point that even Juan (FOX News' token liberal) Williams says his entire political career hinges in the balance... I seem to remember BO saying that this entire health care debacle would be deficit neutral... If this is true, why is the CBO predicting a trillion dollar deficit even after they rape medicare... What do you say we hand him and all his far left cronies a TKO... (which could stand for Technical Knock Out or The Kidding's Over) We have them on the ropes, lets deliver a few body punches and then put them away tonight...

There are only two things needed to reform health care...
  1. TORT Reform (perhaps the trial lawyers might need to find something else to chase besides doctors & ambulances)
  2. The ability to purchase health insurance across state lines (a little competition would solve things such as pre-existing conditions)

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