Monday, September 7, 2009


President Obama leave our children out of this... If I thought your motives were anything other than to promote your far left, liberal, dare I say socialist agenda, I might view this differently... The truth is I don't trust you or your cronies... In one of your debates with Senator John McCain you stated that you should be judged by the people you surround yourself with... I'm just going to list a few people that give me cause for concern, Van Jones, (self avowed communist, gone but not forgotten) Cas Sunstein (thinks babies could be aborted up to the age of two) John Holdren, (wants to put sterilants in the drinking water) Ezekiel Emanuel, (rationer-in-chief) Mark Lloyd (thinks Chaves was brilliant for taking control of the privately owned media) Jeffry Immelt (thinks GE stands for Government Electric) William Ayers and Jeff Jones (weather underground ring a bell) had enough? Not even I can make this stuff up... Mr. President, I find you morally bankrupt and personally reprehensible (doesn't have a damn thing to do with the color of your skin) and though I no longer have children in school, I have grandchildren attending public school and your freaking liberal agenda has no place in our classrooms... The majority (I know there are some conservatives in the education system) of the teachers and their unions are doing their best to promote your liberal views, we don't want or require any input from you...

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