Sunday, September 6, 2009


Who says we can't alter the course chartered by the Left... Van Jones was just one of the radicals the Obama administration has in its' inner circle... The interview Glenn Beck had with David Horowitz Friday was phenomenal... It confirmed (well in my mind) what I had long thought... That being that Barack Obama is not the driving force behind this movement towards Communism or at best Socialism, but the anointed one or merely a puppet whose strings are pulled by the likes of George Soros... The sad truth is that these people are not for the masses, but seek only to use the poor and minorities to bolster their own power... Their only agenda is power and if the backs of the less fortunate provide the ladder in which they need to climb, so be it... You need only to look as far as ACORN to see evidence of this... They think nothing of sending unemployed (or more likely unemployable) people out to register voters, demanding quotas be filled... When this leads to fraud, who do you think gets thrown under the bus, not the organizers, but the so called few rogue employees... Give me a break, if it looks like it, smells like it, don't step in it...

Although Cas Sunstein and John Holdren are absolute wack jobs who probably should be institutionalised, the truly scary appointee is Mark Lloyd, the head of the FCC... This man wants to completely control the broadcast media... Does this not seem reminicent of FDR and his attempts to manipulate through censorship of the media... The fairness doctrine was abolished for a reason, you can't control the media just because you're affraid someone might find fault with your ideas or agenda... Air America didn't fail because of conservative talk radio, it failed because of lack of content and a total lack of an audience... The driving force in America is capitalism and sponsors weren't going to put their advertising dollars into something in which they got little or no return... Could this mean that conservative talk radio is RIGHT? (sorry, I couldn't post witout at least one play on words)

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