Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I first heard this term a couple of months ago and once I realized that the person using the term was referring to people being born here in America, it started the slow boil that you are about to read...

They had the audacity to infer that there are people born in these United States of America that are somehow deemed losers... I'm going to quote mother dear on this "you better listen to me, and you better listen to me good" anyone fortunate enough to have been born in the greatest country on the face of the earth is a winner... You have won the jackpot... Unfortunately there are people who scratch off their ticket and don't match any numbers... They perhaps are born in Darfur or someplace equally as horrific, but again if you are born in America, you've hit the jackpot...

You will often hear of people who win huge lottery jackpots and within five years are filing for bankruptcy... (stupidity knows no nationality) For every single one of them, you will hear thousands of stories about people born right here in the good ole USA who picked themselves up by their boot straps, worked hard (didn't ask for nor expect a hand out) and became successful beyond your wildest dream... Only in America, only in America...

So the next time you start feeling sorry for yourself, get up off that pity pot, go to the mirror look at yourself and repeat after me "I am an American, I am a winner"... Then the next time your president goes on an apology tour, and feels he must bow to a king, or quiver in Putin's presence, feel free along with me to say "Mr. President, KISS MY ASS"...


  1. I am proud to have been lucky enough to have been born in this country. I can say things other people cannot say, if I want a family and a career - I can and I don't have to wear a scarf to cover my face, like I should be ashamed.

    I'll say it: "I'm an American. I am a winner!"

  2. Great moniker Hazza...
    May God bless you and may God bless America...
    Your fellow winner...

  3. Most of the ultra conservatives like you are no different than osamas of the world. USA government interfered in internal affairs of all the countries including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolivia, colombia, Europian countries etc. That interference resulted in uncountable deaths and regime changes. USA was Saddam's friend before it became enemy. It changed Iran's democratically elected regime and supported a monarchy. USA still supports autocratic monarchy in Saudi Arabia. Where are the fucking ideals of freedom?
    Its fucking hypocrisy of moronic conservatives like you and sarah palin.

  4. My, my John such language... If we were having a conversation, I'd ask you if those are the same lips you kiss your mother with? Seeing that we're doing this by keyborad, I'll ask you if those are the same fingers you pound your pud with?

  5. Now i know for sure that Glenn Beck is your ideal. Never answering the facts i laid out in my comment but commenting on F-bombs that used. typical example of Ad hominem that you and your kind are so much use to.

  6. Dear Mr. Stern,

    Maybe if leftwing morons like you wouldn't pitch a hissy fit every time a conservative suggested that we drill our own oil, or use our own coal, or our own natural gas we would not have to rely on the middle east to supply it for us.

    Myself I much prefer buying oil from freedom loving dictators like Hugo Chavez than the oil that is in our country or off our shores. No lets allow China and Brazil to suck all of the oil off the coast of Florida and this will allow us to keep our dependency on such wonderful people like our true friends the Saudis. I mean they love us so much, that 19 of the hijackers that flew planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon and God only knows where flight 93 would have landed had not a handful of truly brave Americans brought it down in a field in Pennsylvania were friends from Saudi Arabia!

    We have enough shale in the US to last us several hundred years. I mean if it was good enough to keep Nazi Germany going the last few years of the war why not us?

    You mentioned European countries in you babble earlier. If it was not for the United States of America most of if not all of Europe would still be speacking GERMAN!

    Please think about how wonderful we would all be if we were as smart as France and we produced 85% 0f our electricity fron Nuclear. Very clean, very save and 100% non-polluting!

    You see we are actually quite semilar, it's just that we are RIGHT and you are not!

  7. Yo Bro...
    This is too easy, I set em up and you knock em down...