Sunday, September 27, 2009


Senator Bogus (I mean Baucus) has placed a gag order on insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage plans... This solely because they are trying to inform their insured that under the health care plan proposed by Senator Bogus and its cuts to Medicare, they could (you bet the farm on it) lose services and benefits afforded them under their Medicare Advantage plans... It is Senator Bogus's insistence that under his plan Medicare would not be cut in an effort to pay for this trillion dollar mistake... I guess Senator Bogus knows more than the CBO...

Friends and neighbors I'm here to tell you it's going to take considerably more cuts than just those to Medicare to pay for this bill... We all know the O man said he wouldn't sign any bill that added to the deficit (and we know that he would never lie to us, just ask Joe Wilson) so he's going to have to really clean up waste and fraud to make this plan deficit neutral... In my absolute best Glenn Beck impression, let me clear my throat and say BULL CRAP...

Health care in this country needs but two things to bring down the cost and make it affordable...
  1. Stop frivolous law suites, you lose, you pay... (Democrats and trial attorneys up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes corruption, then comes greed, K-I-S-S-I-N-G)
  2. Remove interstate commerce restrictions allowing competition among insurance companies... (I'm not a math whiz, but I don't think that's anywhere near a thousand pages)


  1. you listen to glenn beck. you can never be a math/science whiz. you crazies don't even know how pills are invented and how genetics work. even doctors are for the new healthcare plans. most of you also want government out of Medicare. that's just fucking crazy. Medicare is run by government and if seniors are unhappy than try and find an affordable healthcare. i am sure the rich can find that useful. biggest bigots and hypocrites.

  2. Wow Edward - you are pretty unhappy. I don't care how pills were inventd. Don't take any. Clean living you know. You should try it. Makes you feel better.

  3. The AMA supports the the health care plan, the only problem with that is that only 17% of doctors in the United States are members of the AMA... Here's that math thing again, drop the 2, carry the 9, divided by the square root of pi and I believe that leaves us with 87% of doctors that aren't for, or are vascilating on the new health care plans... In fact it has been reported that upwards of 30% of doctors would either retire or switch proffessions should a single payer plan be instituted... You can whine all you want, but BO himself wants a single payer plan... No, no he just wants all the 47 million uninsured to have health care... (he's such a nice man, I bet Chicago really misses him) Here comes that tricky math again... Considering 30 million of those 47 million uninsured are illegals (OMG I think I'm supposed to call them undocumented) and millions more are youg healthy people who make a conscious decission not to carry health care insurance... Combine that with the 87% of Americans who are perfectly happy with their coverage and you are talking an incredibly small amount of people... To those people I'm afraid Alan Grayson's idea is best... Get sick and die quickly... Oh but I keep forgetting, they are the ones filling our emergency rooms... They get to live, problem solved, have a nice day... (gee didn't drop the "F" bomb once)

  4. Ya man you get your facts from Glenn Beck who himself admitted to not checking the facts.

    you guys just assume that people without health insurance are illegals. i really wished that this recession should have gone into depression with 25-30% unemployment like in 1930s. It was all conservative and white culture during those times that brought on Social Security and Medicare into existence. when private jobs go away you people clamor for government goodies. as soon as economy improves, everyone starts shouting about no government interference.