Saturday, September 19, 2009


Simple question for Eric Holder:
What are your motives for pursuing the CIA interrogation agents? I fear this goes much farther than simple partisan politics, but actually into the realm of intentionally trying to destroy the intelligence community in an effort to weaken our countries ability to thwart terrorist attacks... Your president said "we are looking to the future, not dwelling in the past" when dealing with enhanced interrogation techniques... Are you going to directly disobey the wishes of your boss, or does this say to the public that what BHO was saying was mere lip service and he and his entire administrations sole purpose is to destroy the United States of America... (sorry, my bad, he's not out to destroy, merely fundamentally transform) Nothing like a good terrorist attack to "Fundamentally Transform America"...

Seven previous directors of the CIA have penned a letter to BHO spelling out the devastating consequences such action would have on the intelligence community... It's bad enough that doctors are being forced from practicing medicine due to malpractice insurance, but now does anyone seeking a career in the CIA need to have a defense attorney on retainer, when they are only doing as directed?

The brave men and women of the CIA are protecting your ass as well as the rest of us... Get the F**K (please excuse my language, but this really, really pisses me off) out of the way and let them do their jobs...

Now this leads to the REALLY, REALLY BIG QUESTION... Does a terrorist attack lead to another "CRISIS" thus giving this administration an excuse to take even more of your rights away... A terrorist attack could be the perfect excuse to commandeer the private (you know that evil conservative talk radio and Glenn Beck) broadcasting and yes even stop Internet activity...


  1. Idiot: torture = bad

    President Cheney, The Shrub, Rove, and Rumsfeld have dooped you all. Learn to think for yourselves. How about a water-boarding party. The Born Again Anti-American should go first!

  2. Sam, I'm glad I hadn't seen you had gotten this deep into my blog last night, because I woke this morning to find that the FBI foiled three seperate terrorist attacks yesterday... I'm sorry to inform you that the previous administrations "Patriot Act" just saved possibly thousands of conservatives and even some of you left wing idiots... As far as my ability to think for myself... "I think, therefore I am conservative" Might I suggest you purchase Glenn Beck's new book "Arguing With Idiots"...

    By the way, I've realized that trolling is actually the highest form of flattery... Do you have a man crush on me?