Friday, July 16, 2010


The NAACP needs to do a little more research prior to calling the T.E.A. Party racists...

This gentleman's picture is from a Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th of this year in Grand Prairie, Texas... True is the point that there are not the number of African Americans (I still think we're just Americans, the distinction should be patriotic or non-patriotic) as we would wish for, but we're working on that and gaining numbers daily... The problem is that organizations like the NAACP choose to call the T.E.A. Party racists rather than looking at the facts... The RACE card does not apply here, it is just a feeble attempt to distract from our goal which is to reign in an out of control government... We will not be threatened by this any more than we are threatened by the "New Black Panther Party" movement... (you want racism, now there's racism) We have a communist living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he happens to be black... I don't harbor contempt for him because he's black, I do however have a huge problem with having a communist as the president of the United States of America... This guy isn't even trying to hide the fact any more as he knows that the people have awakened and we're not going to fall for his "Hope-N-Change" bulls**t any longer... He's using the NAACP to try to put a wedge between the "white" & "black" community when all he really is accomplishing is setting the NAACP and everything they stand for back a half a century... Every stride made by Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement is being trampled under the auspices of "Social Justice" and "Collective Salvation"... (yes, I watched Glenn Beck yesterday)

So, am I a racist, the answer is no, as I despise Barack Obama's white half equaly as much as his black half...



  1. I share your sentiments as I believe most Americans do.

    I also believe alot of Americans who happen to be black feel the very same just are not as voisterous about it as they know they will be called "Uncle Tom's" by their own 'community'. (I hate that word as it separtates the entire community)

    But alas, in the sanctitiy and secrecy of the voting booth we are all free to choose as we see fit without hinderence.

    Yes there are the intimidators, but if Iraqies and others around the world can vote in the face of death then certainly as Americans we can do the same albeit under less pressure to be sure (so far).

  2. Bro,

    Great Post! The trouble is they (meaning the Bo regime) cannot pull the wool over anyone's eyes any longer. They have been outted for what they really are, a bunch of Socialist A$$holes! Hell bent on destroying this Great Nation!

    Most of the American people that voted for BO and his "Hope & Change" BS didn't have a clue what he was really all about.

    The time to change is now before they get a chance to legislate us into oblivion! There has never been a more critical election in America than November 2nd, 2010! We must take control of both the House and the Senate and the White House in 2012!

    My lovely bride and I will be standing with Glenn Beck on 8/28 and if the "Black Panthers" think they can intimidate us with a few uniformed storm troopers that all have the last name of "Shabaz" they've got as Mother Dear use to say, "Another think coming!" When I hear "Shabaz" all I can think of is Gomer Pile!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  3. Hi Born Again. Great post. I agree with you, I hate the white 1/2 of oblahblah equally too. I think the commies and "handlers" who picked barry as their "anointed one" specifically picked him because he's black.
    That way, all the horrible things he's doing, which they knew Patriotic Americans would hate, could be swept away with their phony claims of
    "racism". I've seen many nice and good Black people at Tea Party Rallys.
    I like that pic. Have a Blessed and safe weekend.

  4. Thanks Bunni, (L) and I will be thinking of you when we're out waving our signs tomorrow...
    My sign for tomorrow says...

    "SIZE MATTERS' on one side which flips over to read "smaller government"... (all the women smile until I flip it over)

    Christopher, thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your post today...

  5. I am right there with you Born Again! If this Commie sitting in the White House was purple with yellow polka dots I would still be adamantly opposed to his big government policies. This racist charge is a load of malarky. The NAACP and The New Black Panthers are the ones who are racist and fanning the flames. We will continue to fight against Obama's policies which are destroying what our Founders created. WE will rise up, preserve, and restore honor to this country.

  6. Well said (P)! Also, Teresa is right, The NAACP and TNBP and the SHAZAMs are the racists. Apparently the currant administration is too! The "Race Card" is becoming torn and tattered and worn out. If we were a nation of racists BO would not be the President. We don't care about his color, it's his liberal policies. We have got to turn back this decades long cancer that is killing us.

  7. Goltz is right. Who do they think voted for Obama? Great post and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Desperate people, do desperate things and they always resort to calling us racists when nothing else works.
    I'll be at the 8.28 Rally, too, and if the New Black Panthers think they are going to intimidate us or urge us into a fight, they are terribly mistaken.

  8. What a fantastic photo! Thanks for this great post,'s so important. This RACISM stuff isn't flying much with the public; it was a bad miscalculation for Obama and the NAACP ....
    There's a black talk show guy I heard on Larry King named David Webb who ROCKS, too..comply denies his Tea Party cohorts are racist. And he's right.
    God bless you guys! xx