Saturday, July 3, 2010

Open Letter to America! (L)

Dear America: STOP THE MADNESS!!!

As we approach the Fourth of July Holiday we must stop and take a really close look at where this Great Nation is headed, and if this is indeed a celebration that will last much longer! If we are open and honest with ourselves we must see that the current "misadministration" has us on a fast track to ruination! This once Great Nation will be just a "has been" part of a one world global society. We cannot allow this to happen! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

They are spending us into oblivion, so disgusting, less than human beings like George Soros, Bill Ayers, Andy Stern, Barack Obama and the rest of the global governance creeps can come in and pick up the pieces once they have destroyed the American way of life. Once seen as the best way of life on the planet and now in grave danger of not surviving as we know it! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Has there ever been a doubt why countless millions of people have risked their lives to get to this Great Nation? It is because of the incredible way our Founding Fathers set out to insure this fledgling nation would rise to the top and be the envy of all other nations on earth! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Millions of brave American men and women have fought and died to keep this Great Nation the envy of the entire world. Have we given up? Were all of their sacrifices in vain? STOP THE MADNESS!!!

The American way of life is slipping away one insidious stimulus package, government takeover, and entitlement program at a time all the while being told that the only way to save this Great Nation is to spend even larger sums of money we don't have which will insure that the burden of this mountainous debt be shouldered by our children and grandchildren. We cannot allow this to happen. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

We have but one way to STOP THE MADNESS and that is by making sure we as law abiding, freedom loving, God fearing people of this Great Nation destroy the efforts of these despicable people by taking back this Great Nation in the 2010 elections!

This very well may be our last chance. Failure is not an option! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

We must not become complaisant thinking this will happen because everyone must know and see that we are on the wrong track. There are an amazing amount of people out there that don't see! We must keep up the fight until we indeed take back this Great Nation on November 2nd, 2010! Let's make sure we all do our parts by supporting all of the courageous conservative candidates that are running against the "leftist whackos" in all of the Senate and House seats that are up for grabs in each of the fifty states across this Great Nation! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!


  1. Bro,

    Sometimes a little prodding is needed, sometimes you need to slap the living crap (where did that saying originate?) out of them to get their attention...

    Good always trumps evil... True, we the American people were asleep at the wheel, but we have awakened from our slumber... Speaking metaphorically, the slumbering giant has rubbed the sleep from its' eyes and the truth be known, it's a little cranky, O.K., it's really pissed off... The beauty is that we have the truth and history on our side...

    The progressives came close, but in my best Maxwell Smart, "missed it by thaaaat much"... The truth is being discovered, that they changed / erased history in an attempt to marginalize our Founding Fathers and the Devinely inspired foundation they laid out for our country...

    This time when we get our country back running like a well oiled machine, we will never allow this to happen again... That is, and will remain, the number one focus of groups like the 9/12 Project... Coming from the class clown and a total screw up in school, I'm getting smarter every day... (scary isn't it)

  2. I'm in this fight with you guys all the way. Wherever there is an ear to bend I bend it. For years I sat quietly watching the progressives and leftists infect our institutions. They dug in like tics and began sucking the life out of the Republic. I underestimated their influence, their power, and their determination. No more! No more retreats, no more compromises...the line has been drawn here and I will not falter. God bless you both and keep on keeping on guys. We will turn this around.

  3. We COULD Stop the Madness if our votes count in November.....I"m not sure, not with the DOJ dropping the Panther case....we need to be vigilant and make sure we're not tampered with anymore.
    Happy Fourth! x

  4. November will be a start. We've been apathetic and it's gotten us a country we don't even recognize anymore. Obama has done one thing that we should be thankful for...he has awakened the sleeping giant. Vote intelligently in November and slowly, but surely we will dig ourselves out of this mess. It's up to us.
    Happy Independence Day!

  5. Well said
    Now is the time to speak out. Now is the time to act.