Saturday, July 24, 2010


I guess it's always better to be safe than sorry... Our 9/12 group canceled our "Sign Waving" for this morning because of Tropical Storm Bonnie... If you look at the left coast of Florida, you'll see that it's absolutely beautiful... "DRAT", it looks as if I'm going to have to spend the day on my deck drinking beer... Oh well, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it...

The truth is that "Thank God", we seemed to have dodged a bullet as the news just announced that the ships are returning to the site of the oil spill... This doesn't mean we should let our Moron-N-Chief off the hook for his total failure when it comes to his and this administrations handling of this disaster... I'm not a scientist, I'm not an engineer, hell, I'm not even a college graduate, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night... (sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself) It's not rocket science, either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way... (preferably the latter) It is absolutely criminal how this jerk has tried to turn this into political (never waste a good crisis) gain... There is only one true goal for this man and that is the complete destruction of the free market system and capitalism... His six month moratorium on drilling is nothing more than an attempt to destroy the domestic oil industry... He knows that the rigs in the gulf aren't going to sit dormant for six months, they will move elsewhere... Once this happens, the federal government can continue to put crippling regulations on an industry that is already over regulated... This will not reduce our dependency on foreign oil, it will only run the price of oil up which will in turn help destroy the free market... If we allow this creep to continue, his ultimate goal of socialism will happen and the oil companies will be nationalized as we watch the America we once knew Fundamentally Transformed into just another socialist country...

I don't know about you, but I'm not going watch this happen without putting up one hell of a fight... If this requires civil disobedience, so be it... I'm trying to educate myself as well as people around me, but I'm beginning to believe this is going to get ugly, really, really ugly... Glenn Beck continues to reach millions every day and I'm firmly convinced that if not for his efforts, this diabolical administration may have already been able to succeed... Please don't give up the fight...

Right about now I'm sure many of you are praying for better weather next Saturday so I will be out waving my sign instead of on here rambling incoherently...

Not racist... Not violent... Just no longer silent...



  1. I agree.

    Off topic here but wish to inquire as to the meaning of letters in parentheses after your titles, do they signify different authors?

  2. Yes, as I elude to in the profile, I tag team this blog with my twin brother (L)... I'm (P) the crazy old fart in the wheelchair... I always say, "he got the height, I got the looks and brains"... I'm sure he's going to comment to the fact that I got screwed on all counts...

  3. Glad you missed the storm (or it missed you?). :) And I for one of many love your rambles (though you don't ramble). You're a fine patriot!

  4. God Bless You Fuzzy,
    It's incredible how every time I start to get discouraged, you always come on here and help me find the resolve to keep going...

  5. Thanks "P" for my clearing-up my lapse in not viewing your profile.

    God Bless BOTH of you and keep up the outstanding work!

  6. Bro,

    I agree on all accounts!

    The other thing I agree with is "Thank God" for Glenn Beck! He single handedly has done more to awaken this country to the insidious regime occupying the White House than anyone!

    Please continue to pray for Glenn and this Great Nation as we all need The Lord's guidance to get us through these incredibly turbulent times!

    Christopher, (L) is the quiet one. It's the "Quiet Ones" you have to look out for!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  7. 'L' , I am not worried whatsoever! I count on brothers such as you two!

    I am the youngest of three brothers, they both discount me (as a conservative); the eldest well aplotical and rather distant, middle- far left? (do not know where he got that?)

    But all said we are Brothers, we are Irish and God knows we love debate and each other (gets lively with Harps Beer,,lol)

  8. I too am the youngest of three brothers, even though (L) is only 10 minutes older... My problem is that (L) quit drinking 23 years ago and now I have to drink for two... I took a few months off in 1987 when I broke my neck, but I've made up for lost ground... The scary part was on 9/7/87 when the headline in the Amsterdam Times read "(P) Breaks Neck, Huge Layoff Expected at Heineken Brewery"...

  9. Hi Guys, It's so cool your twins and share a blog. I love all the posts, esp. this one "P". I'm very happy you're not getting blasted by the hurricane, now you can relax and drink lots of beer on the deck. It's too hot out here for even sitting on the deck.

    God Bless Glenn Beck and all fine Patriots, like you and your readers, who get the word out on what an absolute FAILURE that maniac obummer is.

  10. Thanks Bunni, you truly are an inspiration... Long live rule #5... Sorry, you're just going to have to visit Bunni's blog to see of which I speak...

  11. Guys, I agree with you on all counts. We must continue to keep the heat on these buffoons. I was watching the news last night and the snake in the grass Harry Reid has taken the lead. The reason is not because he has a better message or that his agenda is what people want, but because he's a crafty politician that knows how to play at the emotions of the people. When you break Harry Reid down line by line and look at where he stands and what he has done, he should be losing in a landslide. But because he knows how to play the emotion card and hide the facts card, the people are once again falling for this crap. Wake up Nevada! Maybe the reason that Sharron Angle does not look or act the typical politician is because she is not! Sorry for the rant guys, but I'm tired of these games that sleazy politicians like Crist and Reid play. We deserve better.

  12. The American oil and gas industry gets anywhere between $15 billion and $35 billion a year in subsidies from taxpayers. Some "free" market.