Saturday, August 1, 2009


Why has less than 10% of the 874 billion dollar stimulus package actually been released into the economy? The simple answer is protection for the Democrats looking to be reelected in 2010... The president recently proclaimed "the stimulus is working as planned" the truth being known, they knew all along that by doing absolutely nothing the economy would start to rebound on its own... The monies being held are to be used to buy elections in 2010 for the liberals who are afraid they have awakened a seriously pissed off American public... Just prior to the election they will dump billions of dollars into the economy and exclaim that it is the Democrats that are looking out for the poor unemployed class and those evil conservatives would see you stand in soup lines before they would lend a hand... There will always be the ignorant and lazy class that thinks the government is here to take care of them and it is precisely these people that the Democrats / Liberals have kept enslaved to justify their very own existence... People such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, Chris Dodd, (who by the way will still receive the thoughts and prayers of conservatives during his battle with cancer, we don't want him dead, just out of politics) will champion themselves as heroes in the fight for the American people... This tactic will no longer be affective simply because the American public is "mad as hell and we're not going to take it any longer"...

If anyone is truly interested in helping, they can start by getting the hell out of the way... The federal government needs to get out of private industry and let entrepreneurial Americans do what they do best... This may result in dare I say, a few actually becoming wealthy... I know, God forbid that should happen in America, where our president wants to redistribute the wealth... This is and will remain the greatest country on earth because our founding fathers got it right the first time... The sooner these people who would have the government controlling our lives instead of "We the People" controlling government are run out of Washington on a rail (finally a good use for Amtrak) the sooner we can get this country headed in the right direction... (wasn't the use of the word "RIGHT" a great choice)

Well Buckaroos, the beer is cold and the sun is shining, so this is your voice saying "so long for now and GOD BLESS AMERICA"

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    The only reason I would like to see Chris Dodd win his batlle with cancer is, so he can live long enough to be prosecuted for the crimes he has committed while supposedly serving the Great People of these United States!

    Besides his VIP and FOA (Friends of Angelo) loans he received from Countrywide Mortgage one of if not "The" number one reason for the mortgage meltdown, you should hear about other "Sweetheart" deals he has received on properties in Washington, DC and Ireland!

    The man is a crook just like his father and should be behind bars. Where he can find out what Government Health Care is truly all about.