Sunday, August 2, 2009


Was this weeks White House "Beer Summit" anything more than a "photo-op"? The answer is a resounding YES... It is Obama's plan to keep playing the race card... Let's face it, if a white president had made the same comments that Obama made during a nationally televised news conference (and yes that question was staged and purposely set up as the final question) he or she would have been instantly branded a racist hate monger... The tactic is something that was ingrained in him during his community organizer upbringing... To divide and conquer is a tactic that has been used through out history when one wants to pit the masses against each other so a clear majority can not be reached... It is much easier to control a few rather than many...

This brings us to Obama's true agenda, reparations... When Obama was asked if he believed in reparations his response was "no" which might be acceptable if not followed up with "only because they don't go far enough"... This is coming from a man who is still bothered by the fact that his maternal grandmother who was white would tense up if approached by black men... Whether consciously or unconsciously Obama wants to see America pay for slavery... He has already enslaved our children and their children and more than likely their children with a national debt that is not only out of control, but totally unsustainable... He wants to redistribute the wealth, (I wonder how extremely wealthy black athletes feel about that) which is for all intents and purposes reparation in its purest form... I'm looking back at my life and remembering going into the court house and seeing "colored" and "white" drinking fountains as well as restrooms and thinking how far this country has come in our quest for equality... Anyone who feels that the constitution of these United States of America doesn't give equal liberties to all its citizens (I'm referring to the legal ones) need to look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... Destroying our country seems a little ungrateful in my mind for a president who in my lifetime would not have been able to drink out of the same fountain I did... (well at least half the time)

Let me go back to the original thought... I'm here to tell you that if beer were the answer, I personally would be responsible for curing all diseases, ending all wars and producing an automobile that ran on air...

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    Did anyone but me notice that Joe Biden had a nonalcoholic beer at the "Beer Summit"?

    Has Obama forbid him drinking in public so as to not say anything stupid! Common Prez give Joe a beer and let him loose! How stupid could he be? I have a pretty good idea, but I dare you!