Saturday, August 8, 2009


Unlike Michelle Obama who must have had a terrible life prior to Barack's campaign, for the first time in my adult (entire) life I'm ashamed of our country... Before you send the "Conservative Blog Police" let me rephrase that statement as I could never be ashamed of the greatest country on the face of the earth... For the first time in my entire life I'm truly frightened for our country... When we have a president that will stand in front of us and rather than address the concerns of our citizens, say to us, "get out of the way and he will clean up the mess"... I can think of nothing more than to paraphrase his beloved pastor Jeremiah Wright "no, no, not God Bless Barack Obama but God Damn Barack Obama"... I refuse to lower my standards to one such as Saul Alinsky who in his "Rules for Radicals" would have us isolate and ridicule... That would be the cowardly or easy way out and besides, it's not just you, but your entire progressive entourage... (50 or is that Fitty Cent isn't alone, he's got nothing over on The Pres when it comes to entourages... Does Joe Biden get to carry the boom box?) OK, OK, just one cheap shot... Unlike rap music, when it comes to you, I can't just turn you off because I believe strongly in the saying "know thy enemies"... Mr. President I feel you truly are the enemy, hell bent on destroying our republic... If you aren't aware of the ever increasing decent that you and your liberal cronies are creating, then allow me to be the first to bring it to your attention... You have awakened our nation and we are really pissed off... Whether you choose to belittle us by telling us to get out of the way or by calling our movement "astro turf" the fact still remains, we aren't going anywhere and the sooner you realize that the better... No longer will your ACORN tactics be tolerated... We will not be bullied nor will we spoken down to... Your entire intellectual elitist, holier than thou attitude is not only obnoxious, it is an insult to me as well as every other person who feels that they are completely capable of thinking for themselves... I suppose the next thing on your eugenics agenda would require an IQ test to determine your ability to procreate... Be careful what you wish for Mr. President as that alone would wipe out the entire ACORN movement along with the rest of your loyal following...

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