Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Finally our "President" (not to be confused with"Marxist in Chief", or simply "The Messiah") has devised a way in which the common hard working collective can help to weed out these diabolical, right wing, hate mongering, conservatives who would dare to question the motives or authority of Barack Obama our savior... You need only to forward any emails to that might find fault with the administration's health care plan... But why Sweet Jesus would we want to limit ourselves to simply "Health Care" when we the collective know first hand that this is not the only subject in which those "Angry Mobs" are trying to perpetrate on us...

I've spent a great deal of time and effort avoiding putting any name or personal information on this website and blog in the hopes that it would be more like a voice for all instead of one person's fight... When the president of these United States of America is frightened enough that he has to post an email address so that he can pit neighbor against neighbor, I feel that I no longer should hide behind my keyboard... Mr. President please feel free to put me on your Christmas card list and your email address book because this is my "Line in the Sand", come and get me...

Perry B. Pollock
2102 S.W. 52nd Terrace
Cape Coral, Fl 33914

My S.S. #325-75-2376 (OK I'm crippled, I'm not crazy, that's not really my S.S.#)
My sincerest apologies should that actually be someones real number...

I don't know my IP address, but this should help...

I know, why don't we all help out our president at the same time, say 12:01 PM Friday August 7, 2009... I'm sure they would welcome the help, so pass this on to everyone in your address book and tell them to do the same... What fun they'll have hearing from all of us... I'm getting all warm and fuzzy already...

If you don't feel creative, just copy and paste this little ditty...

Dear Mr. President,

You have greatly underestimated the will of the American People... Your tactics no longer are effective and you might wish to start sending out your new resume, I'm sure some socialist country could use your expertise...

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    Now that's the spirit Bro! I do believe I will step further into this fray!

    Being one of those uninformed rightwing, racist, hate mongoring, redneck, astro-turf, paid for, tea bag waiving, terrorists myself, I will do my part!

    Dear Mr. President,

    My name and address are as follows:

    Larry A Pollock
    2236 Crystal Dr.
    Fort Myers, Fl 33907

    I happen to be the twin brother (womb mate) of the gentleman who writes this blog. Although we have had our differences over the 58 plus years we have been on this planet, I have never been prouder of my brother than I am now.

    You see you are not dealing with a man who easily gives up. He could have done that a very long time ago when he dove off a boat and broke his neck and became a quadriplegic. He could have sat back and said "Woe is me." But he did not! After months of hospitalization and rehabilitation he did not sit at home and collect SSI and foodstamps like a lesser man would have done. He got a job! He is completely selfsufficient and lives in a beautiful home he designed and built himself with the help of the wonderful company he has worked for these last twenty plus years.

    I hope to get a chance to see you this September, as my wife and I will be two of the hundreds of thousands that are coming to Washington for the 9/12 Project Rally. I am not going to say millions because unlike "The Million Man March" We can count!

    You Sir are dealing with a fighter! He does it from a wheelchair now with his "God Given" brains instead of his fists, but he still fights! Please don't think for a second that you, your village idiot Veep, and the rest of your Marxist cabinet members to say nothing of your ever multiplying list of Czars are going to get away with bringing this GREAT COUNTRY down! We the people will not allow it!