Monday, August 3, 2009


You showed your overwhelming support for our Cash for Clunkers program... Well if you liked that, you're going to love the Obama administrations new "CASH for CODGERS"...

Hi this is Friendly Freddie from Friendly Freddies Funeral Emporium... So grandpa isn't getting the fuel economy he used to, he's spending more time filling up his "Depends" than he is filling up the family SUV... Is grandma seeming a little addled and you're getting tired of reminding her to put clothes on before she heads out the door? Just bring them down to Friendly Freddies and we'll give you up to $4,500.00 on the spot for them... The utmost care will be taken as we spray paint them to assure their parts can't be recycled or even worse, used to keep some other Codger living for a few more years... The spray paint is our governments iron clad way of preventing fraud because that is not tolerated by our Federal Government... You need only to look at Medicare if you have any doubts... After all think of their carbon footprint with all that co2 they expel with every breath... Above all else, don't be sad, just know that grandpa and grandma are going to a better place... More than likely China where they will be turned into drywall, or in an ever "green" world, possibly "green" as in "Soylent Green"

So this is Friendly Freddie saying bring em in, push em in, tow em in, hell bring em in on life support because we all know the Federal Government probably under estimated the popularity of this program too and when the money is gone, so are we...

Fine Print:
Friendly Freddie is in no way shape or form associated with Freddie Mac. After all we have scruples and Barney Frank hasn't found us yet...

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    If this wasn't so scary, it would be hilarious!

    This is exactly what a government run health care would be. Try Medicare, Medicade, and the VA Hospitals on steroids!

    Please help us by contacting every elected official in the US to tell them "NO" on a government run health care system. I am sure that you have all seen what a nightmare it is in Canada and England.

    My wife and I have a couple of very dear friends who live in Englad. Ken has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and is only in his early sixties. If and when he gets treatments and medications they are few and far between. He is in constant pain. Just pray that this never happens to you if we get a government run system, as you will be no better off than Ken and possibly worse as there are millions more Americans that Brits!

    Cash for Codgers could come true!