Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are not a democracy. We are a Republic. We do not need polls of the American people. We need Statesmen who uphold our Constitution.

The polls say that the American people are for taxing companies more, but don’t raise my taxes. Never mind that it is unconstitutional and cuts off their noses to spite their faces.

The reason we have a Republic instead of a democracy is so the lower nature of man (mob rule) would not dominate our lives. What if the polls said that everyone who owns a home in Florida should pay more taxes, because obviously their lives are easier because they don’t get snow. They don’t have to pay to plow their driveways. They have that extra money. It’s not fair. Let’s take it.

You can make an argument for anything. If your mind set is in the collective salvation camp, it might even make sense.

The constitution limits the government and the lower nature of man. We were told it was the law of the land and could not be altered without ratification by three fourths of the states. We did not know about activist judges or politicians or executive orders or that definitions of words could be changed. What part of “public use” is unclear.

We knew our world and our rights were secure because of the difficulty of ratifications. I rested on that. It was not important who we elected because they were all sworn to uphold the constitution. I am much wiser now.


Now let me put my two cents in...
The left does not uphold or give a rats ass about the constitution... It is clear to me now that we are at war, a war in which the very existence of our republic is at stake... We have a socialist for a president who will lie, cheat and steal to advance his agenda... I watched this prick (sorry) state that we as a nation are producing more of our own oil than ever before in history... Funny, but that's not what Eric Bolling showed today as he filled in for Glenn... In 1970 we produced 4.1 million barrels a day MORE than we currently produce... Is the truth not in this man? I think not, I'm no mathamatician, but the nearly 10 million barrels a day we were producing in 1970 is lmost twice as much... Just today he went to El Paso on his latest campaign stop... (must be nice to have Air Force One at your beckoned call) Is there anyone out there that would prefer he tackled the $4.00, soon to be $5.00 a gallon gas or 9% unemployment before he starts trying to solicit the undocumented Democrat vote?

When asked what have you given us, Benjamin Franklin replied "a Republic, if you can keep it"... Ladies and gentlemen, our Republic is in perril... We are out of time, failure is simply not an option, we are at war and to victor goes the spoils... Should we win, our children and grandchildren will live in the greatest country on the face of the earth... If we lose, God help us...




  1. You are spot on with your assessment. We are in fact at war to save this country. The next presidential election is probably the most important of our lifetime.

  2. I can't stand it when the talking heads or the politicians call us a democracy instead of a republic.
    As Teresa said...we cannot lose in 2012.

  3. Well put ... BOTH of you! I always laugh at the line about taxing big business more. Who do these idiot rubes think is going to pay this higher tax in the end?