Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran Thumbs It's Nose at the UN Again! (L)

Once again President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (now to be referred to as President Tom) and Iran have thumbed there collective noses at the UN and it's I.A.E.A. President Tom has just anounced their intention to construct ten new uranium enrichment plants. This coming after the UN and the I.A.E.A. levied sanctions against Iran and it's nuclear programs for the 103rd time. Ok that might be a stretch, but I have lost count. Once should have been enough!

How many sanctions can this useless orginization try to impose on any country let alone a bunch of Muslim extremests like President Tom and his 12th Imam evoking crew before someone has had enough and takes them out! Can anyone say Israel?

After all who could blame them? How many times can they sit back and let President Tom call them "Little Satin" and that soon Israel will be nothing but "Rotting Corpses" before they turn Iran into one huge chunk of glass?

When will our President and Congress grow a pair and let Israel know that we have their backs? We can not sit back and let someone like President Tom dictate to us and the rest of the civilized world what they can and can't do!

Get us the hell out of the UN!!!!!

Lock & Load!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!


  1. Golly Gee Willakers Bro,

    Can't we just write them a really harsh letter? I mean look how effective that's been with North Korea...

    Kidding aside, you've hit the nail squarely on the head and our Muslim president doesn't seem to want to back our greatest allies in the middle east... (should that have been capitalized?) Sounds like you just finished reading "Ted White and Blue"... Iran just purchased service to air missles to try and defend from the enevitable Israli attack... This brings me from Ted Nugent to rocker Pat Travers and the lyrics "when I get her in my sights, Boom Boom out go the lights"... Sometimes you have no choice but to call the exterminator... Iran has a death wish and I think it's time to honor their wishes...

  2. All Iran needs is time, time to build the bomb and those here and at the UN and those leaders all over the world are allowing this to play out. Soon, very soon the earth will shake and the semigraphs all over the world will point to Iran and the game will be over---Iran will have the bomb and its neighbors will tremble.

  3. Iran has been doing this for years, even under Bush. When will our leadership understand Iran is not going to stop, they must BE stopped.

    Right Truth

  4. We will have to do something drastic to stop Iran.
    We shut Japan up for 50+ years or more.
    Of course we won't do anything.