Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have but one question for our government and that is simply "are you out of you f**king (I feel sometimes profanity, even if only implied, is worthy of use in these instances) minds"?

I'm referring to the three brave Navy Seals who captured Ahen Hashim Abed the person responsible for attacking, murdering, burning the bodies, dragging them through the streets of Fallujah before hanging their mutilated corpses from a bridge over the Euphrates River of four Blackwater security personnel... It seems AHA got a couple of boo boos in the process and now our government wants to try the Navy Seals for abuse... These brave men have waved their rights to a civilian trial opting for a military court martial and have retained lawyers for their defense... My understanding of military law is poor at best, but if the word retain means in any way shape or form that these are civilian lawyers and they will be financially responsible for their legal fees, I'll go on record right now saying that a defense fund must be set up... We Americans who sit back and enjoy our freedoms at the expense of our brave men and women of the military damn well better get off our pocket books and see that no financial burden is incurred by these men...

Now in my opinion these men should be heralded as the heroes they as well as every other man or woman serving in our armed forces truly are... The morons responsible for the indictment of these men should then be brutally killed, burned, dragged through the streets and then hung from the Washington monument until the buzzards strip the remaining flesh from their bones... Then and only then will we have a good start on ridding our country of the cancer that is our federal government...


  1. Sorry,

    In my haste to put my 2 cents in I spelled our idiot Attorney General's name wrong. It is Holder not Holdren.

  2. At times it seems an upsidedown world with me on the bottom. The president, the generals who allow these SEALs to be tried should themselves be removed and clapped in irons. This is truely a disgrace and a dishonor to the nation.

  3. Bro,

    Let me try again. Last night I was too tired and too full of turkey to write what I wanted to say.

    The American people should be so outraged by what our alleged leaders are doing, there should be protests in the streets of our nation.

    To think that these brave Navy Seals should be given anything less than a medal for their bravery and dogged determination in capturing this sorry excuse for a human being makes me sick!

    As Mr. Russell said the people behind these charges dare I say acted "Stupidly" Where have I heard that before? They should all be relieved of their commands and Court Martialed! Attorney General Holder should be removed from his position and imprisoned for his blatant act of treason in having KSM's trial moved to New York which will undoubtedly turn into a stage for him to make a mockery of our judicial system.

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!!!

  4. Well said Larry and Ron.