Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you are not old enough to remember Charlton Heston in the epic movie "Planet of the Apes" then either google it, go to Netflix, Blockbusters, or if all else fails, ask mom and dad... The scene that I'm referring to is him riding his horse on the beach and coming upon the partially buried remains of the Statue of Liberty to suddenly realise that the United States of America as he once new it, no longer existed...

Please, I'm begging you, do not let the passage of this massive health care bill / take over of our personal rights and freedoms become our "Planet of the Apes" moment... The passage of this health care legislation will be the death of the United States of America as we know and love... The transformation though just as deadly will not happen as swiftly as a nuclear holicost, but the results will be every bit as devistating... The axis of evil that exists in Washington wants nothing more than to strip every American citizen of their constitutional rights so they may destroy our ability to defend ourselves from their efforts to bring our country to its' knees in the name of "Redistributive Change"... Their motives though cloaked in compassion and empathy for those less fortunate are as selfish and sinister as humanly possible... For they want nothing more than to remain in power at any cost, stepping on and over anyone who dare to resist...

We are at war, it is us or them... Are you going to stand and fight, or would you choose to surrender out of fear or pure stupidity... It matters not at this point, what matters is that the battle lines have been drawn... The second American Revolution has begun and you need to decide which side you're on...

Oh and by the way, what would Charlton Heston say? "You can have my constitutional rights the minute you pry my cold dead fingers from around them" That's what Chuck would say and that's what I'm telling you as well... Interpret that statement as you wish, but if we don't correct our course immediately, it's gonna get ugly...


  1. Heston would have a big grin on his face for your efforts.

  2. Nice One Bro!

    Charlton Heston would be proud! He would also have a rifle in the other hand!

    We can either defeat them by banding together and stopping the steam rolling of our rights, or as my buddy Denny would say "Lock and Load Brother!"

  3. I agree. Lock and Load. I better buy a gun while I can.

  4. Those liberal LOONS in Washington actually think that they lost the house and senate because they failed to pass "Hillarycare" back in the ninety's. They lost because the people DIDN'T want it. They/we don't want it now either!

  5. One of the people who just posted a comment recently passed their concealed carry permit, congrats...

    Notice that they've dropped "Obamacare" from their rhetoric... Obama is already trying to distance himself from this debacle...