Friday, November 13, 2009


Tammie and I are proud to have been two of the 1.2 million people who filled Lake Eola Park for the conclusion of this Tea Party Express trip across America... OK, OK, perhaps I'm over estimating the crowd slightly, but I'll bet there were close to 3,000 anyway... I'm sure had the weather been a little warmer my first estimate would have been more accurate...

The truth is, we had a great time and met many like minded people who are fed up with this out of control government and are willing to do what it's going to take to right the ship and get us back on coarse... (a shout out to Susan and her husband Dominic)

The most important lesson I'm returning home with is that failure is not an option... If you are reading this blog, I'm telling you, you must get involved... Make it a point every day to engage in conversation with no fewer than three people (whether friends or total strangers) and encourage them to do the same... If we stay true to our mission, then and only then, can we defeat the enemy trying to destroy our nation...

We have a weapon at our disposal that is mightier than anything they possess, it is the truth... Hold to the truth, for it will set you free... The lie that is the far left will soon be a distant memory...

Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

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  1. Hey Bro that's my line, "Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite!" (Actually I probably stole it from someone else.)

    You are all welcome to use it though and help spread the word, because that is what needs to be done. We need to talk to anyone who is willing to listen to the TRUTH! The more people that understand that they are losing their liberties daily the quicker we can stop this train wreck!

    I hope everyone got a chance to see Glenn this evening. It certainly helped to restore a little bit of my faith in America!

    (If you have to ask Glenn who, you shouldn't be reading this blog. On second thought, you really need to be reading this blog!)