Saturday, November 28, 2009


In a five page memo acting assistant attorney general (which simply means the guy that would have to be surgically removed from Eric Holder's rectum should the attorney general stop quickly) David Barron concluded that the Obama administration could lawfully pay ACORN for services provided under contracts signed prior to Congress banning funding to the scum bags or ACORN... (OK, I'll stop sugar coating my opinions) This comes after a HUD lawyer asked the attorney general's office whether the defunding of ACORN (still prefer scum bags) included pre-existing contracts... This is when our dear Mr. Barron concluded that this should not include contracts in place prior to the Congressional decision to stop funding ACORN so as not to incur any contractual liabilities...

How can this idiot come to this conclusion in the aftermath of what the federal government did to the share holders of GM and Chrysler... The share holders were kicked to the curb in favor of the UAW, the prime reason the companies were failing... They certainly showed no concern for contractual liabilities in this case, because it benefited the unions (workers of the world unite, this administration's battle cry) and their foot soldiers in the war against capitalism...

There exists in Washington a movement / cancer so far removed from the principles this great nation was founded on that nothing short of a revolutionary / medical miracle will be able to reverse this blight... What do you do to fight cancer? When possible, you surgically remove the affected area such as performing a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation... We need to perform a senatectomy and congressectomy followed up by infusions of conservative blood cells and free market capitalists... Radiation won't be effective, because scientists have concluded that cockroaches are impervious to radiation... That's where the Orkin man comes in, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue needs to be tented and given the full dose of rodent treatment...

source: Brilliant article by Charlie Savage on The Drudge Report


  1. Yo Bro,

    I would be glad to do the operations you mentioned!

    I'm not a surgeon, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

  2. The cancer is "LIBRALISM" and its been spreading for years and is now accelerating.