Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Florida is a closed primary state, which means if you are registered either Republican or Democrat, you can only vote for candidates in your party...

That having been said, look at the voter results in two primaries held yesterday...

The Gubernatorial race had a total of 1,165,956 Republicans vote, while the Democrats had 863,691 total votes... 302,265 more Republicans voted than did their Democratic counterparts...

In the district 5 senatorial race, 1,252,970 Republicans voted, while the Democrats had 910,386, a difference of 342,584...

In each case more than 1/3 more Republicans voted than did Democrats... That ladies and gentlemen is precisely how we are going to take back our country...



  1. Hi Guys! This is great news. This portends very well for November! Something to be happy about, Cheers!

  2. In my county (Bay County), the 108,477 registered voters as of book closing on July 26 included 52,008 Republicans, 37,341 Democrats; and 19,128 Others, according to the Supervisor of Elections.

    It is a shame that we only had around 33,000 who voted yesterday. How in the world do we make people see the importance of all elections?

  3. Bro,

    We too were very happy with the results and the amount of Republicans that turned out to vote!

    Trouble is we barely had a 25% turn out in Lee County.

    We're on the road to 8/28! I am writing tonight from Florence, SC and we will be in Rockville, MD tomorrow night! Can't wait til Saturday!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. This is very good news. We need to keep this energy going all the way through November.

  5. I'm from Lee County, too, and voted via absentee ballot. I'm sorry to hear that there was "barely 25%" turnout. But happy to hear that that the Republicans had a better turnout than the Dems. Let's see a repeat in November.
    Safe travels to (L) on his way to DC. We leave on Thursday and are looking forward to the big event.

  6. All on the way to DC have a safe and wonderful trip. Two of my neighbors are going. I wish I could...I'll be there in spirit!

  7. Bro,

    Got to Rockville yesterday afternoon late. The traffic is worse than I-4 at rush hour! It took us over an hour to six miles. They were working on the same stretch of road last year when we came up for the 9/12 Rally. I guess everyone and everything in Washington moves at a snails pace!

    (TL) is down for the count today, as her fibromyalgia has knocked her for another loop!
    Today she will stay in bed and be ready to go meet the masses for 8/28!

    We will try to meet up with (T) if at all possible.

    Meanwhile I would ask for eveyone to say a prayer for all who are attending the event.

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  8. (T) Made it to her bus this morning... I don't envy her trip... If you can't find her by cell phone, just look for the tall Redhead with the "Will Work For Freedom" shirt, I'm sure she'll be easy to spot...