Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bull Sh-t Answer From Senator Bill Nelson (L)

This is the BS answer I got today from the letter I sent over three weeks ago to all of the Democratic Senators if they tried to take Obamacare "Nuclear" through reconciliation!

Dear Mr. (L)

Thank you for contacting me about health care reform. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed the Senate on December 24, 2009. I spent countless hour studying the various health care proposals before Congress and their impact on Floridians, and after much consideration I voted for the bill. I hope that Congress will continue to work on crafting legislation that can get through both chambers, and I welcome the opportunity to work in a bipartisan manner.

The Senate bill has many good elements. It would allow those who are happy with their insurance to keep what they have got, including veterans and seniors on Medicare. It stops insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick or denying coverage of pre-existing conditions, and creates State-based exchanges where folks without coverage can find it at an affordable price. Additionally, it contains several measures aimed at reducing overall medical and prescription drug costs and eliminating waste and fraud in the system. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the bill as passed by the Senate will reduce the Federal budget by $130 billion over ten years and $1.3 trillion in the following ten years.

Among the improvements I fought for is a provision that will preserve benefits for an estimated 800,000 Medicare Advantage enrollees in Florida, and another provision that will protect tax benefits for seniors who have high medical expenses.

I also introduced an amendment that would force pharmaceutical companies to give rebates to the Federal government for certain drugs purchased under the Medicare Part D program. These rebates would close the coverage gap in Part D known as the donut hole and save the government billions of dollars. I was disappointed that this amendment was not included, but I made clear that when a final version of the bill is negotiated, I expect there to be a mechanism for closing the donut hole for seniors.

Although we may disagree on some of the specifics of the bill, I think most Americans feel that the system we have now can be unfair and too costly. This bill contains a number of reforms that are necessary if we are to have any chance at expanding access to health care while reducing the cost over the long term.

I appreciate hearing from you on this very important issue; the opinions of Floridians are central to my decision-making process. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the future.

Senator Bill Nelson

Please go back and read my post from 1/24/2010 "An Open Letter To All Democratic Senators" (L) and tell me if anyone thinks this BOZO read a damn word I said!

This is the kind of crap that as Glenn would say, "Makes Blood Shoot Out Of My Eyes!" First of all why did it take him (them) almost a month to respond and not address one issue from my letter! Do they really think that we are so stupid we can't see through their BS! We need to send him and the rest of the BOZOS packing ASAP!


  1. Yes, we need to send all these a$$wipes packing. If they can't even read a freaking letter than they must be thrown out of office for pure incompetence.

  2. "Please don't hesitate to contact me in the future."

    Maybe take him at his word, ha ha.

  3. This is SOP for all of those guys up on Capitol Hell. If anyone reads your letter, it's a flunkie, and then they send everybody the same standard response back. I just got an e-mail from Frank Lautenberg on 2/16 in response to a e-mail from me about health care (I can't even remember when I sent the original message). This must have been the week for ObamaCare e-mails since they are planning on pushing it down our throats with reconciliation any day now.

  4. VL,

    Trust me! I will be contacting him again shortly and I will post my letter and any response I receive. This should be interesting because the next letter will be directed at him alone and will be much more personal and not quite so nice!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. The only void in this universe larger than the void between Bill Nelson's ears is the void of outer space... Lets send that SOB on one final mission...

    Ground control to Major Bill there's something wrong... OOPS!

  6. I received a similar reply from NC Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina. She didn't answer my questions either. It was a"form letter".

  7. I'm surprised you got a letter back at all. But it is nothing more than double talk. At least it took a little of some staffers time and thats something. Time they won't have to screw us even more!!!

  8. Honestly, that's practically the same response I got from my congressman back before Ted Kennedy died (I would have written to him, but he was very ill, of course. Writing to Kerry is a complete waste of time, as his office doesn't even bother with crap responses like this one).