Saturday, June 12, 2010


Every once in a while you find yourself being fortunate enough to meet someone who can make you reflect on how lucky you are and exactly what it means to be an AMERICAN... Today was one of those days... We had as our guest speaker at our monthly 9/12 Project meeting Ismael Hernandez from the Freedom & Virtue Institute... Ismael was raised in Puerto Rico as a socialist revolutionary who was on his way to Nicaragua and becoming an even more revolutionary Jesuit priest affiliated with the Sandinista... It was the murder of several Jesuit priests in Nicaragua that prevented Ismael from pursuing his dream of furthering his socialist agenda and inevitably brought him here to the University of Southern Mississippi... He came here to get his masters degree in "Political Science" so he could use his degree to defeat capitalism... His initial plan was to come over the summers, returning to Puerto Rico every year to teach in order to fund his education over each of the following summers until he achieved his degree... It was only after his first semester that a group of professors nominated him for a scholarship to entirely pay for his education... How can this be? How can a Puertorican Socialist come to the United States of America, the home of capitalism and be rewarded for his efforts, even as devious as his motives originally were... What's up with this capitalism, why would they reward him, when everyone knows, only the socialist can give him what he needs... Perhaps he should stay here to prove once and for all that capitalism is the root of all evil as we know it today... Many years have passed and sadly I must report that those evil capitalists have claimed another victim, cruelly imprisoning him here in a society where he must reap the rewards of his labor...

Here is a link to the Freedom & Virtue Institutes' website
I strongly suggest you check this out...

Why must it take an outsider to open our eyes? The truth is, no one today is taught what freedom is, they take it for granted... We here in America have become complacent, thinking that nothing we have can be taken from us and all our needs will be met by the government... This is precisely what the radical progressives have preached and the gullible Kool-Aide drinking morons have accepted...




  1. I love your blog's new look!

    This is a great story and reinforces how exceptional America is as a nation. It offers opportunity to everyone who live here, and even those who live here temporarily and come here for educational purposes.

  2. Great new look!

    It does indeed sometimes take a set of outside eyes to see what so many are missing about or great nation. Great post.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. More proof that many Americans just don't appreciate how good they have it.
    I like the new blog design, too.

  4. Thanks everybody... It truly was an eye opener... I hope you visited the website, this is such a crucial time we live in and it's people like Ismael and every one of you that will help to right the ship...

  5. I've noticed that many who grew up in socialist nations appreciate more fully what we have here.

  6. Bro,

    Thanks for inviting me to the meeting yesterday. I almost didn't go because it was going to be such a long drive.

    If I hadn't gone I would have missed one of the most dynamic and motivational speakers I have ever had the honor of listening to!

    Everyone should go on the link and listen to the radio interview. Mr. Hernandez is truly remarkable!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  7. I got my BS degree for the Univ. of Southern MS and later did graduate work at LSU in Baton Rouge. I lived on the campus on and off for many years and had a number of friends at the Institute of Latin American Studies there. Thats a great story and I heard many such while at Southern.