Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rosie O'donnell, eat your heart out, for no matter how hard you try, you'll never have balls the size of this woman...

I just returned home from a 9/12 sign waving protest feeling kind of full of myself... That is until I opened my email and received this picture... Kind of makes our little protest seem insignificant, because I had DVR'ed Glenn Beck and my life goes on... We can only pray that this brave soul is still living...

We should all get a sense of encouragement from this photo, and know that freedom is something that can only be enjoyed by the brave of heart...

Please get out of your comfort zone and stand up for your freedom, as it is being stolen from you every time you don't... The progressives and this administration want nothing more than to turn you and me into their slaves... In Iran it is done with an oppressive religion, in our country by entitlement programs... "A slave by any other name is still a slave"...


  1. Well said BA!

    No matter what country, freedom is the universal language people long to know.

  2. That's a great pic! You are right about entitlements---nothing but a road to socialism and a down grading of life as we know it. You can never help someone up by tearing someone else down. Economic equality is nothing but a myth!

  3. Bro,

    I only wish I could do the same thing to BO, Pelosi, & Reid!

    We must fight to the last minute to stop Obamination Care!

    Lock & Load!!!

  4. Bro,
    I'm out the door to do just that... We're on Del Prado in front of Walmart starting at 11:00... It's our final "KILL THE BILL" sign waving... We even had a TV news camera Thursday evening...