Saturday, March 6, 2010


The following is an example of how our local 9/12 Project is going about countering the all out assault on our freedom... This directly relates to my previous post as how each and every one of us need to get involved...
As busy as these patriots are, I 'm sure if asked, they would help you in your efforts to start a group in your area... Here again is a link to S.W. Florida 9/12 Project...

Dear SWFL 912ers and Friends,

As you know, this week has been horrendous for the furtherance of the Obamacare legislation. Our President is pulling out all the stops, promising judgeships, ambassadorships and anything he can for a YES vote. They are feinting and faking us out with reconciliation threats while the White House drags in every opposing Democratic Congressman for the house to pass the senate bill on their desk now for the President to sign by Easter.

Our healthcare and personal freedoms have never faced a greater attack. The complete government takeover of one of America’s largest segment of business has never faced so dire a time from the progressives who seek to own everything.

To combat this, SWFL 912 with the help of the Naples Tea Party will be hosting a candlelight vigil from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM at NCH Main Downtown hospital tomorrow night in front of the parking garage on U.S. 41 in downtown Naples along the sidewalk in front of the Naples Community Hospital parking garage and every Sunday night after tomorrow until we kill Obamacare.

You can pick up a candle for this purpose at Target or Christian Book Store.

This rally format was announced on FOX News and will be held nationwide.

We are also putting the following Obituary or Special Notice in the Naples Daily News and the Ft. Myers Free Press to dramatize this effort!

For those of you not RESIDING in Florida, we request you plan the same in front of your hospitals.

Please read the following notice and gather all your friends to come to Naples NCH tomorrow night.

Jamie, Cheryl, Terri, Barry and the SWFL912 and Naples Tea Party Teams.

Announcing the Imminent Death of American Healthcare

American Healthcare has been given her death sentence. She will die of a disease called Socialized Medicine, better known as “Obamacare”. The President and our legislators tell us her death is to occur on or before Easter 2010. Like the Christmas Eve vote; once again they determine to remove not only the joy of our Christian holiday, but the hope of our future health.

American Healthcare has provided her citizens and the citizens of all nations with comfort and healing throughout generations. She has given renewed health to the infirm, made the lame to walk, healed the uninsured accident victim, and enabled the cancer victim to walk away cancer free on untold occasions. She has done so without question, regardless of the ability to pay. A miracle worker every day, her hallowed abilities will be sorely missed by all. American Healthcare surely is a hero loved by all.

American Healthcare has treated Kings not as fortunate for medical advancement within their own borders as well as the lowliest and sickest of humanity throughout the world. Prime Ministers from socialist countries enter her beds for premier heart surgeries; just as the downtrodden, found beaten and left for dead in Anywhere Alley, USA have received the same care. Untold Millions have exited her doors in restored health - whole and healed. The sick child from Haiti, the Leukemia patient from England, the brain tumor victim from Canada, the Siamese twins from India and we are always welcome in her beds. Indeed, American Healthcare, along with her helpers, our physicians and nurses, repeatedly open their beds to treat the masses from all walks of life. American healthcare is blind to station, but never to those desperately in need of world class treatment for life threatening conditions – oftentimes at no cost to the patient.

Now we citizens are told they will install panels to decide what treatment we can receive. If we are not of prime age or perfect health, we will be given over to death panels whose job it will be to provide us with counseling to end our lives, to order lesser care, or perhaps a letter offering to pay for the drugs for our suicide – all to “insure” 30 million people. What else will they do? We know they will enter our checking accounts for auto withdrawals, track our health through the IRS, and tax or jail us if we refuse to buy their insurance. As was proposed in the American Mecca of socialized medicine (Massachusetts) just Thursday; should we also expect that our faith-based and deeply personal circumcision decisions be outlawed for cost containment reasons?

Once American Healthcare dies, there will be nowhere else in the world for anyone to go for premier care and the newest advancements in medicine. Where will we go that we are assured the best care in the world regardless of our wealth or ability to pay? No other country will offer us what America offers now. Rather, we are warned by 45% of the doctors that they will no longer be able to afford to practice. They will be forced to retire. Our taxes will increase, we will receive substandard care, our choices will no longer be our own, and our own doctors may very well choose to close their doors.

Please join us to pray for American Healthcare’s miracle – the very miracle she has given so many of us - renewed health and reprieve from certain death. A candlelight vigil for the wellbeing of American Healthcare is scheduled for Sunday, March 7th at NCH Main Hospital in front of the parking garage at 7:30 – 8:30 PM. We will meet there this Sunday and every Sunday evening thereafter until we see this big government American Healthcare death panel fail. Bring your candles, your bibles to “cling to” and the words to the song “We shall Overcome”. We will pray fervently for the death of the Obamacare in order to save the life of American Healthcare.


  1. Excellent job on this blog my friend.. sigh..the disillusionment is hard to bear at times...but we must keep up the fight my friend!

  2. Obama care will insure that we are all brought down to the same level---that is all but those at the top. The end result however is that research will suffer and advances will be slowed in coming as the profit motive will be taken away and replaced by government price controls.