Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been doing a lot of soul searching (some on the left may accuse me of trying to search something I don't possess) lately... I'm beginning to wonder if I'm preaching to the choir... Could my time and effort be spent in a more affective manner? I don't think that I need to suggest or remind anyone who already reads this blog that our country, our very existence is being threatened by an administration and political force that is Hell Bent on the destruction of the America that our founding fathers and practically every generation since (well at least up until Woodrow Wilson) has aspired to... There are those among us who feel the American dream is a nightmare and only through socialism can we as a society have the rights we truly deserve... Well I hate to rain on their Utopian parade, but they couldn't be more wrong... If I start to sound like Glenn Beck, I'll take that as a compliment... We the People of this great country are created equal and it is up to you to make the best of your chance in life... I've spent damn near 60 years falling down, getting up, falling down and getting up again, but I did it on my own... (as my son who is now in his thirties would have proclaimed at two "MY BIG SELF") That is to say that every failure as well as every success was the direct result of my actions, not the government either holding me up or pushing me down... Our rights come from God, the only thing government can do is destroy your rights... It is up to each individual to take their God given rights and achieve in life what they are willing to work for... The governments only job is to get out and stay out of your way so you can strive to achieve "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"...

I don't know about you, but I'm not going down the road to socialism without one hell of a fight... I have three children and four grandchildren so far (no pressure Mat) and I refuse to leave them with this mess... I'm not capable on my own of enacting a huge amount of change, but through joining with like minded people, change (the good kind) can and will take place...

I'm fortunate enough to live in S.W. Florida and we have just such a group... What I'm hoping to achieve with this post is to give you an opportunity to see the inner workings of The S.W. Florida 9/12 Project This is part of a national group and if there is not one in your immediate area, perhaps you could look into starting one... The people at the heart of our group have dedicated themselves to educating the public and being proactive in the election of local, state and federal public servants... (they may forget, but they work for us, hence no reference to politicians)

I'll continue to blog, (gives me something to do since my doctor made me quit using heroine) but I'm going make an effort to become more involved in the day to day, nuts and bolts, front line war on the evil that is attacking our country...

Thus ends another episode of "As the Turn Leafs"...


  1. Very well said Born Again.

    I have been doing the same. I was talking to a good friend of mine and we both think that starting a Constitution/American History club would be a good thing. We could bring our favorite books to a gathering place and discuss the Founding Fathers and Constitution. We can discuss American History and recommend books, articles, or websites to check out. I think if we just reintroduce ourselves and the people to the charter documents that made the United States the greatest nation on Earth we can take back the Republic. Anyway we're just tossing around those ideas.

  2. Great idea John... It's basically a numbers game, if you can affect the thoughts and actions (in a positive manner) of one or two individuals and they in turn do the same, the wave has started and it will grow...

    The 9/12 Project has many such events in our area...

    When you look at the Constitution, it's all we need... I can't wait to get Judge Napolitano's new book "Lies the Government Told You"...

  3. Great post, Born Again....I liked John Carey's idea but OUR KIDS NEED TO BE READING THOSE BOOKS, and FAST! I think the HBO JOHN ADAMS series should be shown in every school, etc et.c..we've got to combat the leftist indoctrination they're getting or there won't BE an America anymore. Did you know that one state's considering starting American History at the CIVIL WAR? They don't have time for the teaching THE ENVIRONMENT and all the other 'history' they'd like to teach. Of course, the Civil War will include SLAVERY and then we go right down the line on everything else WRONG about America ... This has to STOP. The best damned country in the WORLD and our teachers unions are poisoning the well.

  4. Bro,

    This one gets a standing O from (L)!

    I just got a chance to watch Glenn's special on the Indoctrination of Our Kids, missed it last night. Can you believe the crap that is being shoved down their throats?

    We have already talked to C&A about watching to see what kind of stuff they are trying to feed our grandkids. This is when I wish they could have been Home Schooled.

    Let's keep up the fight! We can't let the bastards win this one!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. I've had some of these same thoughts about preaching to the choir, etc., and I think that we do make a difference, especially when we get out and do stuff for our country. Good on you! But don't stop blogging . . . we patriots do need to keep each other motivated, even if we find ourselves saying the same things over and over to the same people. They're important things, and important people.

  6. Z, L, & Fuzzy, thanks, I'm still at my post... (no pun intended) Lets make a difference...