Monday, March 1, 2010


I was on my way to work this morning listening to my favorite classic rock station (my commute isn't far enough to listen to conservative talk radio and besides, I get too pissed off) when I hear a disclaimer followed by an advertisement for an on-line site that guarantees success for people wanting to have extramarital affairs... (and you thought talk radio pissed me off) Long story short, I got to work and emailed the station... Here are the exchanges...

Subject: On-Line Dating for Affairs...

I’m writing to express my outrage over an advertisement I heard on 94.5 on my way into work this morning… I heard the disclaimer proceeding the ad for an on-line dating service for those wishing to cheat on their spouses… I will be the first to champion your right to air the commercial, however I feel very strongly about whether if you continue if I shall continue listening to your station… I know all too well that these are tough times financially, but I’m pretty sure the fallout from listeners will far outweigh any financial benefit your station may gain by continuing to air this vile and contemptuous advertisement…

You may have noticed that I have C.C. many others and this is only a fraction of my email address book… My next action will be to post this on my blog which is read all over this country… The S.W. Florida 9/12 Project could have a field day with this, so please consider removing this ad ASAP…

Hi (P),

Unfortunately this commercial got by our screening of new advertisers including myself. They have tried multiple times to get on the air before by submitting requests through different advertiser names which disguise their commercial content. Thank you for listening and reporting this. We have deleted this commercial and will no longer air on any Meridian Broadcasting station.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about any issues you may hear arise.

Regards, Jim

Who says Capitalism doesn't work?
Now my only issue is getting rid of the morons in Washington that are trying to destroy our country... If it were only as simple as an email...


  1. Very cool. Not only did you prove Capitalism works, you proved that an ordinary citizen can MAKE it work. Bravo.

  2. GOOD ON YOU!! I love that. We need to ALL write constantly on everything we hear like this..imagine a dating site like THAT??? That's GOOD FOR AMERICA? give me hope! :-)

  3. The truth is never heard until the first man stands up and tells it. This is great--the power of one!

  4. KUDOS!!!! Thank you for taking a stand. Love it when the good guys win...for a change.

  5. Good on you! Silence is the ally of tyranny.

  6. Thanks everybody...

    I wonder what I can get pissed off abut today?

  7. Bro,

    How about the teachers who didn't teach you how to spel!!

    Lock & Load!!!