Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Riddance 2009! (L)

The year started out Sooo great with The Marxist in Chief being sworn in amongst a lot of swearing from the conservatives! Let's take a trip down memory lane!

February brought the $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus Package! How's it working Obama? As we all know it held the unemployment rate under 8%! NO REALLY! What, you say it got to 10.2%! Really? I heard it was the sharpest decline in employment in twenty some years! Even surpassing the unemployment rates caused by that evil Ronald Reagan! How could this be? YOU PROMISED!

Then the government bought General Motors, Chrysler, all the banks in the world and last I looked they had their eye on Walmart! Whoopee! All too big to fail! Can anyone show me in the "Constitution" ( You remember that nifty little document so beautifully crafted by the great men that founded this NATION) where it says one damn word about companies being "Too Big To Fail" Silly little people, as if we don't know what is best for them!

As Spring rolled around suddenly there was a ground swell of people who dared to challenge the "Anointed One" At first it was a low rumble which quickly turned into a loud roar, and suddenly all over this country huge crowds were gathering and "The T.E.A. Party" (Taxed Enough Already) movement was born! Yes, these people actually thought they could think for themselves and did not like the path our wonderful leaders in Washington were taking us down. The T. E. A. Party movement held gatherings all across the land on April 15th. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that they picked that date. Ya Think?

Soon "Queen Nancy" was calling us, I mean them a bunch of "Astro Turf" , "Swastika Carrying", "Terrorists" Say it ain't so Nancy! As the Dems went home to have "Town Hall Meetings" the noise and chants grew louder! From meeting to meeting all over the land, the people stood up and challenged Senators and Congressmen and Women on the terrible decisions they were making. How could anyone be against "ObamaCare" are they serious? Don't they know that the government knows best and should control our lives from "Cradle to Grave" The rumbling continued!

Fast forward to July 4th! The day we celebrate the founding of this Great Nation! You know, picnics, parades, and fireworks! Well there were plenty of fireworks all right! Those T.E.A. Partiers had more of those damn rallies! Will they ever learn?

Finally August rolled around and so did "Cash for Clunkers" This surely will get the economy rolling along! (Pun intended) Drag it, push it, tow it in and get up to $4,500 for your trade! Oh by the way Toyota really thanks you guys for this deal. It seems they sold like twice as many cars as any US automaker. But sell cars we did! I wonder how many of these cars have already been repossessed? Oh well, a sale is a sale! Right?

September brought us "Labor Day" jeez a perfect segue to our friends at SEIU and ACORN!
Where do I start? At this time it seems Andy Stern the head of SEIU has been the number one visitor to the White House. After all the president did tell us in the campaign that he would be calling on his good friend Andy Stern for advice. How could this be a bad thing? Anyone who's slogan is "Workers of the World Unite" can't be all bad, right?

This brings us to ACORN! They could take up the next three days worth of blogs, so I will just share the words I saw on a sign at the 9/12 Project Rally in Washington, DC on I believe it was 9/12. "Because Every Pimp Needs a Federally Funded House" Repeat that line, it just rolls off the tongue so beautifully!

Let me regress a tad, that 9/12 Project Rally, do the people actually think that a few thousand people marching on Washington could possibly make a difference? OK, a few hundred thousand people, all right One Point Two Million People marching on Washington could make enough noise to stop our march toward Socialism? They must be kidding! All of them are fools! And who is this Glenn Beck guy anyway?

October and November just brought more of the same. You know, 10% unemployment, more arguing about "ObamaCare" yada yada! I could go on, but we all know we will prevail! We will take this country down the slippery slope of Socialism, and to a National Debt that our children's, children's, children will be saddled with! Like anyone really cares!

Finally December! Hooray! "ObamaCare" passes in the Senate and all is well! OK, it took some really "Big Bribes", but now all we have to do is combine the House Bill and the Senate Bill into one that we can all agree on and get it to the president's desk so he can sign it into law. Ah Shit! This could be a major problem! The Liberals say they will not vote for a bill that does not have a "Public Option" and that damn Liberman says he won't vote for one that has a "Public Option"

Oh well, there's always 2010! Happy New Year!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!


  1. Damn Bro,

    You were paying attention last year... I'll have to take better notes this coming year... That eternal optomist in me is saying that despite the sad state of affairs this administration has left us in, the sleeping giant is awake and we are going to take this great country back...

    Lock and Load!!!

    Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Amen, guys. Let's give them hell this next year. We've done a lot, but there's still work to be done.

  3. I saw your comment on Goomba. Nice blog. I followed.

  4. TCW we are all in this together... Time to kick ass and take names...

  5. Opus #6 it's an honor and a pleasure to welcome you to our blog...

  6. Wow, great round-up! I'm following. :D

  7. Dear Fuzzy,

    Up till now my favorite Fuzzy was a golfer!

    2010 promises to be a very challenging but exciting year! I can hardly wait!