Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Sorry---But A Little Common Sense Please! (L)

What the hell is the matter with people? Does anyone have a lick of common sense anymore?

I know this is not politically correct but then again neither am I. How can you let someone on a damn airplane with a name like UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB? Especially when he was on a known terrorist watch list! This is akin to letting the fox watch the hen house except we are talking about killing innocent people instead of chickens! If the other nations are not willing to do the job, then the US should take on the responsibility ourselves!

I can almost see how he was allowed on the plane in Yemen, but why was he not screened more thoroughly when passing through security in Amsterdam? I probably get better screening flying from Fort Myers to Atlanta.

When is this country going to say enough is enough and stop trying to be friends with these damn terrorist nations that hate our guts? All passengers on all flights originating in "Terrorist Nations" and bound for the United States should be thoroughly searched and if this means strip searches so be it! We can not allow these S.O.B.'s to have even a remote possibility of bringing down one more plane!

I suppose now we are going to have to pay his freaking medical bills! Why not just put him in a jail cell and let his burned leg turn into a massive infection so he can die an agonizingly slow death!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

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  1. I was just over on Crusader Rabbit's blog and he suggests we upholster the airline seats in pig skin... I'll go one better and have all the female flight attendants fly in the buff... (now before I catch too much flack, that was not sexist, merely as usual a poor attempt at humor)

    Now a more serious approach... PROFILE, PROFILE, PROFILE and then PROFILE some more... If you think I'm kidding, you better think again... This PC crap has got to stop... I'll apologize in advance to all those people of the Islamic faith, but if you want to fly, be prepaired to be strip searched or just stay home... It's a shame that a few nut jobs have ruined it for the rest, but as mother dear would say "that's tough, but things are tough all over"...

    I for one still believe in "Enola Gay Rights"... Nuke the bastards and be done with it...