Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why Didn't I Think Of This Sooner! (L)

I just figured out the answer to solving our health care issues forever! We need two completely separate health care systems. One for liberals and one for conservatives.
The liberal system will be run by "Big Brother" and the conservative plan will be run by the private sector. Everyone would have to choose as to which one they wished to enlist, and enlistment would be for life. ( All illegal aliens would automatically be signed up under the liberal plan.)

It would probably take less than a generation for the government run plan to kill off all of the people that signed up for it. Then the liberal blight will be gone from this country once and for all!

You may be asking how I came up with this theory. You see it is the liberals who believe that abortion should be readily available for any and all who would or could kill an unborn child. Shortly after the government took over liberal health care you would be able to get an abortion at your local neighborhood 7-11. You know a clinic on every corner. Therefore the birth rate would plummet causing the rapid decline of liberals.

The rest of my theory comes from looking at government run health care in other countries. With the added bureaucracy of the government running the system, heath care overall would decline so rapidly that many would die from the lousy health care they would receive if they actually could get in to see a doctor in the first place. Hell this might not take a full generation to pull this off!

Meanwhile the conservative system run by what is already the best health care system on the planet would flourish. Without the extra expense of the liberals who some how think that they are owed free health care just because they were born in America putting a strain on the system, price for extraordinary health care would obviously go down while once again making it profitable for someone to choose to enter the medical profession. After all anyone willing to pay for and sacrifice the years of school and hard work to become a doctor should be rewarded financially for doing so. It is after all "The American Dream!"


  1. Yo Bro,
    I now for the first time admit that you may have gotten a few of our shared brain cells... This is brilliant...


  3. Cute idea. Too bad you don't really have a policy that could engender a change. How about, every "entitlement", burdened with all the administrative costsm is owned and owed to ALL the people. In this way, reporting the gift of our money (eg. welfare, afdc, medicare etc) to someone by an IRS Form 1099-GOV would be auditable and the rest of us that work for our healthcare would get an offsetting 100% tax deduction equal to that "entitlement". That would part the ways!