Saturday, October 17, 2009


The treatment of Rush Limbaugh by Roger Goodell and CNN are perfect examples of how political correctness and left wing media outlets will be the death of us all... Remember this is the same Roger Goodell that has reinstated Michael Vick and the same CNN that has Anita Dunn saying that FOX News is the research wing of the republican party...

Michael Vick a convicted felon was not reinstated because he is a superb role model for children, he's reinstated because he is black... The commissioner of the NFL buckled under the pressure of what would be heralded as racism... The race card seems to be most affective when played on a national stage, and it's the decision of a white man concerning the actions of a black man... Does anyone think that had Michael been white that the white commissioner would have reinstated him?

CNN reporter Rick Sanchez apologized for airing unsubstantiated quotes supposedly made by Limbaugh... (I won't stoop so low as to repeat them) Is this not like closing the barn door after the horses get loose, the damage is done... Poetic justice might be a multi million dollar liable lawsuit against Sanchez and CNN... The reason this smear campaign was instituted is because Rush Limbaugh is a conservative... Let us not forget that should Barack Obama stop quickly, CNN and it's left wing agenda would have to be surgically removed from his rectum... Is this why Ted Turner recently was reported to have said he would like to retake control of the networks news programming? Could this possibly be an attempt to win back the affections of Hanoi Jane? (in my best Glenn Beck "I'm just saying")

The Marxist in the Whitehouse have not destroyed the free market system yet... (they're hell bent on it, but they must not be allowed to succeed) Rush Limbaugh's right to be part of the NFL in the capacity of part ownership of the St. Louis Rams is the same right that this administration is trying to destroy across the board... It's no game they're playing, it's the future of our American way of life and I'm sad to say we are approaching overtime and IT'S SUDDEN DEATH...

In closing I'll simply say "GO GATORS"... (it is the truth, Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas)

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