Sunday, June 26, 2011


The tag line for this post comes from the comedic genius of Brian Regan... I searched for a video, but wasn't successful... The premise for the bit was that when you are drunk everything seems to be funny, so he suggested putting a note pad on the booze bottles so you could wake up the next day and remember just what was soooooo funny... Hence the title "Hamster Nipples"...

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is spring time in S.W. Florida and that brings sunshine and my ability to charge my batteries, as I was solar powered when Van Jones was a mere gleam in his daddy's eye... I purchased this lot that I built this house upon for its' southern exposure, so I might be able to sit in the sun applying dark tanning oil (sun screen is for wimps, you can say I told you so when and only when I die of skin cancer) and soaking up rays... The problem that comes from this is thirst, to which I find Heineken to be the perfect solution... (are you starting to see where I'm coming from?) The more I sun, the thirstier I get, the more I indulge... That is the reason I put a pad on the lanai so every time I came in to get a beer , or make a rental payment (you don't buy beer, you rent it) I could jot down my thoughts so "Hamster Nipples" here I come...

• If the left thinks we're wrong, why do they call us "The Right"?

• Were there any Muslims on the Mayflower? (I mean, did one Pilgrim jump off that ship, throw down a mat, face east and praise Allah)

• The above being true, why don't you find your own "New World"... (you've taken over Europe, Africa and Asia, I hear Antarctica is beautiful this time of year... If you don't believe me, just ask Al Gore)

• If Obama care is so good for us, why is it that the progressives have to cram it down our throats? (even Mary Poppins can't make this crap taste good)

• If the Obama administration is so eager to create or save jobs, why are they scrapping the space program? (could it be that John Holdren is afraid that their "Global Warming" scam will be proven to be just that... oops, there goes "Cap & Tax"

• Does anyone in their "RIGHT" mind think that Charlie Crist is a "Conservative"? (Update, Charlie Crist is now chasing ambulances @ Morgan & Morgan and we all know where Marco Rubio is)

• With ears the size of Obama's, wouldn't you think he could hear us?

• If God wasn't a Florida Gator, why did he make the sky "Blue" and the sun "Orange"? (Update, the Gators take on the Game Cocks in the CWS, game 1 Monday 8:00 pm eastern... My prediction, an SEC team will be the NCAA champion...)

OK, I had fun with that... Although I did catch some beautiful sunshine and drank a few beers yesterday, I didn't use the pad because I was intoxicated, I used the pad because I'm getting older and I have that dreaded disease CRS... Can't Remember Stuff!!!

I've been busy over at my other love Cape 912 but I'm getting my MOJO back, look out... (the truth is, the other is a 501C3 and I have to be careful not to bash the ASSHOLE in the White House)



  1. Welcome back you shriveled up old prune. Tip one for me as you're "Right"ing these words of wit.

  2. That Morgan & Morgan commercial with Charlie Crist is hysterical. Serves him right...just another ambulance chaser. Amazing how many commercials that company puts on TV and radio.

  3. The one about obummers ears was great. I like Heineken a lot, but I'm a tightwad!