Monday, June 6, 2011


It's time this eyesore on the New York skyline was turned into housing for those more deserving than the filth that roam its' halls... I remember thirty plus years ago when taking the back way from the Bell Tower mall into the "Villas" (unless you've lived in Ft. Myers, Fl, don't worry about this obscure reference) there was a wooden privacy fence that bore a sign "Get Us Out Of The UN"... I always thought to myself WTF is that all about... Now that I'm over sixty, I look back and think "wow, this dude was way ahead of the times"...

Here's a link to a website stating that the Palestinians are asking the United Nations to back and implement a Palestinian state... I was watching John Bolton (knows a little about the UN) this morning and he stated that the UN did not have the authority to mandate something of this nature and furthermore should this occur, Congress has the right to vote to defund American contributions to this worthless piece of crap... Woodrow Wilson's "League of Nations" went down in flames because as then, and still is, it's a really bad idea... The last thing on earth I want is to have some "Nut Job" like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad coming on American soil and calling us "The Great Satin"... F**K the UN, all their unpaid parking tickets, and each and every camel these bastards rode in on... I'm tired of kowtowing to the every whim of these human right violating, women hating, camel jockeying, rag headed slime... My solution, NUKE, NUKE, who's there? Nobody... Thank God I'm able to control my true emotions...


NOT RACIST... (well maybe a little) 
NOT VIOLENT... (well ever so slightly)


  1. Bro,

    Did we get up on the RIGHT side of the bed this morning?

    Now that's the way! None of this PC BS, get us the hell out of the UN! It serves no purpose other than to give these little piss-ant countries a worldwide stage to bash the best country on earth!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

    PS: I like your Nuke, Nuke idea!

  2. I ahev been saying this for years now even previous to my blog and glad more are. very glad.

    Odie says France and I have said the exact thing yet again but I go MUCH FURTHER than he,,,

    Yes France but right under and around the Eiffel Tower and then NUKE IT ALL. Simotaineously nuke Damascus, Tehran, Cairo, Istanbol, Islamabad and for good measure Brussels where the E.U. is headquartered.

    These would be small and strategic nukes and coordinated between the U.S., Britain, Russia and China but would send a very clear message that a 'new world order' is not welcome and the BS and wars created by the thought will cease to exist.

    Just a thought,,,,

    Christopher - Conservative Perspective

  3. Christopher...
    You certainly have been thinking about this a while and quite effectively too...

  4. We could greatly reduce Islamic terrorism for years by turning Iran into glass.. just ask the Japenese.