Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Is it any wonder that the American people have had it with this pampas ass... Any president who quotes the Declaration of Independence and purposely leaves out "By Their Creator" is not only unfit to be president, but should be tarred, feathered and run out of town...

How much longer are we to be subjected to a man whose only ambition is to destroy our great nation... He has written a book called "Dreams From My Father" who was a devout Marxist... He does not believe in The American Dream, capitalism or the free market system, yet there are people that still believe he's trying to help...

We have to put up with this a**hole for another twenty one months (give or take) so the smartest thing we can do is to neuter him politically... The upcoming election in November is our last best chance to stop him and his progressive cronies in their tracks... We need a veto proof majority that can put an end to this wantoned destruction of The American Dream... If you saw his Washington town hall meeting yesterday, you know that even the people who blindly voted for his Hope and Change have become disillusioned with him and his socialist agenda...

Tell Karl Rove and the old Republican guard to get the HELL out of our way, we're not just getting rid of Democrats, we're changing the face of the GOP...



  1. It's a wonder that the republican establishment hasn't figured it out yet - we arfe NOT going away. And anyone who does not want to tow the line will be jetisoned from Washington! Plain and simple! As for obama? He's got something up his sleeve for when the guard changes in January. I'm not looking forward to seeing what it is...

  2. The old guard will step aside, maybe not on their own, but they WILL step aside.

  3. Bro,

    The old guard will step aside!

    How about the news today? Three out of four ain't bad! So "dum-BO" now that three out of four of your economic advisors have abandoned ship, it's just you and Tiny Tim left.

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. Great post. BO has to go. He's not only out of touch and totally clueless about the American people but he has no idea, none at all, what America is and what it means. He's a total embarrassment in every conceivable way.

  5. what really got me was the personal stuff Rove criticized O'Donnell with...I don't get what's going on with the GOP, but I"m sure glad MIchael Steele's back in the saddle and on OUR side. I think he'd gone squishy with orders from the elitists and he now knows the Tea Party people are a better bet for the GOP!
    great statement at the end there, BAAs...WE HAVE TO FIGHT! (who thought we'd have to fight Republicans!?)

  6. If the Repubs don't purge the RINOS and Moderates, and promote CONSERVATIVE VALUES they are finished! Fool Me once!