Monday, September 6, 2010


It was 23 years ago today while proving my incredible knack for stupidity that I threw the anchor off the bow of the boat into twenty feet of water and then proceeded to dive off the stern into two feet of water...

Now before you get the wrong impression, let me assure you, that wasn't the end, but the beginning of my great adventure... I've always been one who believes that everything happens for a reason... I'm not going to say that my life was spiraling out of control, but I was not leading the most stellar or exemplary life style... I was in a disastrous marriage that (L) warned me not to get into... In hindsight, I did most of my thinking back then with my little head instead of my big head... (as crude as that sounds, it's the best explanation) The resulting injury helped put an end to that marriage, which ultimately enabled me to become the person I am today... I remember sitting in the courthouse during the divorce proceeding and my now ex saying to me "(P), if you go through with this I'll never come back to you"... To which I replied "I know, now I'm just trying to get it in writing"...

The journey has been incredible, I've grown from a young self centered, egotistical bastard to an old self centered, egotistical bastard... (well at least that's what most would say) I remember being in the hospital and having the staff psychologist pay me a visit... I was lying in bed (not much else to do when you're in a halo brace) when the door opened an this angelic face appeared saying "I'm (B) would you like to talk? I said sure come on in... We talked for at least an hour and when she left my mother and aunt came in and asked how it went? I said "I think she feels a lot better now"... A short four month stint in the hospital and I was off to Miami for "Spinal Cord Rehab"... There seems to be a reoccurring theme in which they assigned me another staff shrink, I guess some people need them... Her name was (J) and on our first time together, she asked me numerous questions and then finally stated "you were sick long before you broke your neck, weren't you"... Finally someone who knew the real me...

It's almost a year after being released from rehab and I'm watching truck and tractor pulls on ESPN when I realized a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so I rolled down to the end of the driveway and picked up the newspaper... (Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet) I saw an ad for an estimator at a local construction company... I called an asked if their office was wheelchair accessible (this was prior to ADA) and he said "I'll have to look" after which he said "there's a 4" step"... I told him "that's fine for the interview, but if you hire me, I'm going to insist on a ramp"... That was twenty one years ago and I'm pleased to report I'm still working for one of the greatest companies anyone could hope to work for... We are a construction company in an extremely poor economic era, but thankfully we are keeping the doors open...

Six years ago this past April my life changed once again for the better as I met my beloved (T) and my life has been blessed ever since... I'm not sure what evil she must have done in the past to deserve this fate, I'm just glad it happened...

So on this Labor Day, may I raise my glass to all and hope that each and every one of you are as blessed as I am without being as stupid as I am...


  1. You are ONE HECK of a man..This is a fabulous piece which made me want to cry and laugh throughout..... I'm sending this to tons of friends. You're an inspiration and I'm so glad you wrote this. God's you and T.

  2. P,

    I was never going to ask how you ended up in a wheelchair but it is quite obvious you are not handicapped, at least not in my thinking.

    I thank you for sharing and agree with Z, you are indeed an inspiration. Actually I agree with all Z wrote and join him (or her?) in wishing you Gods' Blessing's.

    May you P, T, L and Z have a wonderful Labor Day!

    p.s.; For some reason I have a craving for alphabet soup?

  3. I came by because of Z too. My son jumped off a cliff into a lake, broke his ankle. He told me he almost dived. How thankful we are that he didn't, but he survived a bad marriage too, and has 3 beautiful daughters, an excellent job, and is getting married again on Thursday.

    Thank you for your story. I'll come back and check out more of your blog!

  4. (P) I salute you sir. You are a valuable piece in this puzzle to regain our Republic back and I want to thank you for being the man that you are. Keep on keeping on brother!

  5. Thanks, Christopher, same to you! (i'm a SHE:-)

  6. Hello, another visitor who came here via Z's link at her blog. What a story, glad to see a positive outcome and a sense of humor, too!

  7. Z, Christopher, Linda, John & Beth, thank you for stopping by and thank you for all the well wishes...

    Z, you never cease to put a smile on my face, thanks...

    Christopher, usually when people ask me what happened to me I tell them that I suffer from a sometimes fatal desease called "stupidity"...
    P.S. you must check out Z's blog, you'll be a regular...

    Linda, great news about your son and may I wish him and his new bride all the best...

    John as long as there is a breath in my body, I'm going to keep on keeping on, we have to take back our country...

    Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed the post, usually I'm much more political, please stop back again...

    I've got three adult children and four beautiful granddaughters, but that's another blog post or twenty...

  8. Bro,

    I have had twenty three (plus the first thirty six for a combined just short of sixty) years of great sadness and overwhelming joy being your twin brother, I love you Bro! As you have said a thousand times, "We spent 9 months in the womb together and 59 years going in opposite directions." It now appears that we are coming back around in the same direction and as the song says, "What a long strange trip it's been!"

    I don't think either of us could have done any better! With my (TL) and your (T) I think Mother Dear is looking down with a huge smile on her face! It's just that I got it right the first time and for you number four is your lucky number! I wouldn't be (L) if I didn't rub your nose in it just a little! I believe when a man is down, kick him! It takes a good man to get up from down there! You were down and kicked several times, but stand as tall as anyone I know!

    We really need to celebrate number 60 in rare fashion! I might even have a glass of champagne!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  9. I'm still a little choked up after reading your comment, I love you too Bro... After everything I've done to piss you off, I guess all I can say is "it's a damn good thing you can't hit a cripple"...

    Love the new theme song, I should have it on CD, if not I'll get it before our birthday...

    (T) needs to talk to (TL) as she wants to have a party on either the 23rd or 24th as the 25th is on a school night... Do you know which your kids would prefer, or would suite their schedules better? No Gator game that weekened...

  10. Don't faint, but you are hearing from TL, who hates being on the computer almost as much as being on the phone! I will never forget coming in the door those 23 years ago to the phone ringing. It was your mom, telling us that you were in intensive care. L must love you more than he lets on to you, because he was understandably frantic. I knew the doc was wrong when he said you'd never walk again. You did it (on crutches) just to show him what a dick he was (and he was!) Sometimes I've wanted to wring your rascally neck, but I adore you more than you will ever know. So proud of you P!

  11. Thank you for sharing your story with us (P).
    You exemplify courage and the "can do" spirit. Everything happens for a reason, and I know God's plan for you has made you a better person, and you are so lucky to have found a great job for all these years, and a lovely wife. You're an inspiration and I raise a glass to you.

  12. WOW! Great post - I am a follower of your great blog now!!!

    Common Cents

  13. First, BAA, thanks for taking the time to comment back on my blog. Second, thanks for giving your readers some history. And third, I suspect that many of us have, at least metaphorically, jumped off the end of a pier into the shallow end of the water and taken a major hit. With you, it went to another dimension altogether, P. I am REALLY glad, though, that you found a company that can realize your REAL worth. My guess is, you work your ass off for them.

    God bless ya, my brutha.


  14. BTW, I'm always looking for good like-minded talent to showcase in my The Usual Suspects blogroll and you, sirs, are it. Up until your comment on my blog, I had no idea you existed.

    Good design, great insight, I'm going to add you to my roll right now if'n you do not mind. . .


  15. (p): you weren't stupid 23 years ago and you're not stupid now. Some things just happen.

    "I was not leading the most stellar or exemplary life style"

    A lot us us could say the same about ourselves (myself included)at one time or another. Not only are you and (L)(and(T)and(TL))born again, ya'll are great AMERICANS!

  16. Goltz,

    Thank You!

    (P) and I were worried we had not heard from you in so long.

    8/28 was amazing! we thought about you while driving through NC!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  17. I'm late getting to this post, but I am so glad I found it. Thanks for sharing your uplifting story and I am happy good things happened for you over the years.