Saturday, July 25, 2009


I don't have a degree in economics, heck I don't have a degree period, but I was blessed with a little common sense... The operative word being LITTLE because that's all the common sense required to figure out that raising the minimum wage during these economic times is only going to cost jobs... The companies that employ these workers are not able to pass this cost along to the consumer, so the only way to manage the increase is to reduce the work force... It ultimately is more than just 11% as the employer now must match the FICA portion of this as well... The estimates I've heard range from 300,000 to 400,000 jobs lost as direct result of this increase in the minimum wage...

The bigger question is the real motive behind this... Who are more likely to be affected by this? Why it's the young 18 to 24 year olds, which coincidentally happens to be the ages AmeriCorp finds most desirable... This ultimately becomes a huge recruiting tool for government servitude and after all isn't bigger government what the left is all about? I happen to still believe when it comes to government, smaller is better... The left is constantly tauting their fight for the underprivileged, the minorities, or poor Americans.. When in fact it's for their own power grabbing and greed they institute policies to insure these same people they are so gallantly fighting for are indeed trapped in a system in which they must depend on big government to survive, insuring their return to elected office... The word trapped could easily be replaced with enslaved and wasn't that abolished quite some time ago? I don't see my view as being racist, yet the present administration would be the first to pull the race card, when in the mere fact that a black man (I refuse to use the term African American in the same way I won't say German American, Itallian American, Polish American or any other prefix to the name American, you are either an American or you're not) is in the White House should insure that race is no longer a valid arguement... Enough already with calling anyone who believes in capitalism a racist...

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    The president is only half black! You don't hear him referring to himself as a "Half African American" or even an "American" It is always an African American!

    As your blog states it is the young who are going to suffer mostly from this stupid raise in the minimum wage. Who gets a raise in the middle of a recession, unless you are in the US Congress. This can only cause further job loss and a lenghthening to the recession.

    Dear God people "Wake Up"