Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm not sure you are getting it... We, that's you, me, your kids, your friends, your friends kids, their friends, (that's your basic six degrees of separation) are about to lose America... It is said that genius is stating the obvious, I guess that makes me a freaking genius... This may come as a shock to you, but I voted for John McCain & Sarah Palin... It's not just me, but the people that voted for "CHANGE" that are starting to regret their decision... If there are any among us who still feel the right person is in the White House (as if any of them are reading my blog) I'll go back to my sixties roots and quote you a little "STEPPENWOLF" (please, John Kay & Steppenwolf) "your mind is so narrow it's no surprise if you fell on a pin girl you'd be blind in both eyes"... This man said he wanted to fundamentally change America, is this the change you voted for?

His latest Czar appointment is expected to be Cass Sunstein a Harvard educated (remind you of anyone) oh and was a Law Professor at the University of Chicago (getting warmer) who said that you should be able to abort a fetus up to two months after birth... Well that was until he changed his mind saying "up until the child can remember events" so I guess they are fair game up until approximately two years of age... This is the same Cass Sunstein who thinks that animals have the same rights as humans and should be given due process in a court of law... The truly sad part about this is not that he is being considered as a Czar appointee, but that he is allowed to walk the streets and is not in a mental hospital somewhere...

I wish I had an easy fix for the direction our country is heading, but unfortunately I don't... That is why I get on here and type my pencil to the bone (sorry, that's a visual some of you might not understand, being a quadriplegic I don't have the use of my fingers so I use the eraser end of a pencil to type) every chance I get... Of course you could all save me and my #2 (I was referring to my pencil) a lot of hassle and just watch Glenn Beck every evening... Where do think I get this stuff... So please, each and every one of us need to "every day in every way" (Mother Dear are you listening) do what ever we can within the confines of the law, to stop the systematic and deliberate destruction of our country...

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  1. Dear Born Again Americans,

    This reminds me of another great line from John Kay and Steppenwolf:

    "There's nothing you and I can do, you and I are only two, what's right is wrong it's hard to say, we'll forget about it for today and stick our heads into the sand and just pretend that all is grand and hope that everything turns out OK" This line is from a song called "The Ostrich"

    It is time for all Americans to pull their heads out of the sand because everything is not OK!

    The Obama administration with all of it's Czars and should be indicted cronies (Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel) have America on a freaking Bullet Train towards socialism! This train must be derailed and derailed quickly.

    We cannot allow them to cram one more of their ill advised and unread pieces of legislation down our throats. Please let all of your elected officials know we will not stand for it!