Saturday, September 1, 2012


You're either a Gator, or you're Gator bait!

Yes boys and girls, it's that time of year... The University of Florida Gators start their 2012 Football season today... Not that I'm the most prolific blogger in the sphere, but you'll probably see fewer Saturday posts from me until the end of November and hopefully beyond... We welcome the Texas A&M "Aggies" along with the University of Missouri "Tigers" into the South Eastern Conference where the "Big Boys" play... It's too late to change your minds, you're going to get a first hand lesson in how the game of football is played...

The best part of this is how it brings our family together... (L) has his designated spot on the couch, (his beautiful wife of 40 years won't let him watch at home because he screams so loud it scares the dogs) my son-in-law (B) makes most of the games and on occasion brings my daughter (J) and several of my beautiful granddaughters... On any given Saturday their can be as many as 6 -12 people along with (T) and myself eating chicken wings, brats, chips and salsa and of course drinking beer and screaming for the Gators... (we don't have dogs to scare) Life is good and it gets better today @ 3:330 Eastern Standard Time...



  1. Bro,

    Sorry I did not comment earlier, but I was at your house cheering on our Gators!

    Little shaky start, but we will kick some ass this year as well!

    Lock & Load!!!