Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Lee County Patriots in conjunction with the Cape Coral 9/12 and the Naples Tea Party hosted a TEA Party in beautiful downtown Ft. Myers (sorry, was born and raised here, a little prejudice) at Centennial Park... I'm not going to try and say there were thousands of people there, but several hundred braved what turned out to be brutally hot conditions even for April in South West Florida...

It was a very inspiring event happening only hours after what some are saying was a failure by our Republican / Conservative elected representatives in the "Budget Battle" with the morons on the left... Why do we continue to deny the fact that deep down inside, all we really want to do is kill women and starve senior citizens... One of the first steps we must take is to admit we have a problem... Hi my name is (P) and I'm a woman killing, senior citizen starving Conservative...  There, I said it, now with help from Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer I can someday say "I'm a recovering Conservative"... Everyone knows that you are never completely liberal, it's one day at a time...
(I have no idea where that came from, but I had fun with it)

Back on track... The speakers were as interesting as they were inspiring... It never fails to fill me with hope every time I attend something like this and see that I'm not alone... That there are Americans that still believe in the principles that this great nation was founded upon... We are and will forever be the greatest nation on the face of the earth and that the "American Experiment" is alive and well... We as a nation fell asleep, but by the grace of God, we woke up in the nick of time... The Founding Fathers gave us the perfect (well as perfect as humanly possible) system by which we can govern ourselves... We need to adhere to it and never forget that it's "We the People", not the government that is in charge... They work for us and must never be allowed to think otherwise... We are endowed by our Creator (something Obama has trouble saying) with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... We don't need anyone "spreading the wealth around" the playing field is fine the way it is, no leveling needed... Just do what is outlined in the Constitution and let the American people do what we do best... We became the greatest nation on earth because we have the freedom to do and prosper as individuals, no collective salvation, no executive orders, no mandates needed...

I must admit the absolute highlight of my day was when I was approached by a young lady who leaned over and asked are you The Born Again American? I knew immediately that she must be "The Conservative Lady" author of this incredible blog... We knew that we both lived here in South West Florida, but had never met in person... You need only to visit her blog to understand what a service she provides to our country and our cause... The really great part is that she and her husband to whom we will refer to as TCG (The Conservative Gentleman) are as pleasant and engaging as any two people you could ever hope to meet... Like many, they are part time residents here and soon will be heading north, but I am looking forward to more encounters with them when they return next fall...

Here are a few pictures thanks to my beloved (T) and a special thanks to (L) & (TL) for that wonderful lunch we enjoyed afterwards... (Thanks Bro, next time it's on us)

I have absolutely no idea who the crazy old fart in the wheelchair is, but he keeps showing up at these things with his ridiculous signs...


Lock and Load!!!
(had to get that in there for Bro)


  1. Very uplifting post! It's cool that you and TCL met in person at a Tea Party Rally!

    p.s., I had heard of the unusual heat from my bro. who is in Ft. Lauderdale but I'll trade you guys anytime. It's supposed to get to 79° here today in Detroit but it's only April so I doubt it will stick around.

  2. Terri Thallas MillsapsApril 10, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    P and L , I don't know if you remember me. I sat behind you in some classes at good ole Ft. Myers Sr. High. I remember in history one time, you "borrowed" my report because you hadn't done yours. Funny thing is, you made an A and I made a B. Only difference? You added a picture rofl. Thanks for sharing and caring. I also want to see this country get back on track!!!! As Always, Terri Thallas Millsaps. Tenn

  3. Bro,

    I know you don't read the Fort Myers Newspress anymore, but they estimated the crowd at 1,200 which means there could have been close to 1,800 or more. Because everyone was trying so desperately to find some shade it was hard to get a true feeling for how many actually showed up.

    It was inspiring and gave (TL) and me a renewed since of just how important a roll the Tea Party can and will have in making sure our elected officials do the "Will of The People".

    It was very encouraging to know that Rep. Connie Mack IV voted against the budget cuts Speaker Boehner managed to get in his compromise with the Dems. As my sign said, "$38.5 Billion OK, $6.3 Trillion Much Better".

    I too agree it was really nice to meet TCL and TCG!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. What can I say Terri, it must have been one hell of a picture... I do remember you, and L and his wife TL have property in Perry County, Tenn... I guess it's closest to Linden... That's one of the reasons he is fighting so hard to get this country and economy turned around, so he can retire and build up there... I think he's crazy, but that's only my opinion, I'm not going anywhere there isn't a beach...

    Christopher, there's probably room for one or two more down here, so come on down, but don't let anyone else know or they'll all be wanting to do it...

  5. I am in the process of doing my post and headed over here to get the link to your blog. Thanks so much for the nice words. It was a pleasure to meet you, T and L at the rally. Your post is great, so I've decided to let you do the hard work and re-post it over at TCL along with your link. I'll include the photo of us along with it.
    Hope we see you again soon and say Hi to L & T for us.

  6. Total awesomeness! You guys give me hope for our great nation. :D Wish I could have been there, but you never know, maybe one day soon.

  7. TCL... Thanks for the kind words as well... I guess we are members of a "Mutual Admiration Society"... Lets see how many young ones out there can relate to that comment or better yet know where it comes from...

    Fuzzy... Come on down, we'd love to have you...

  8. Great pictures, and great work. You and TCL! Well done, very well done.

  9. Randy thanks... It was a great day topped off by meeting a great lady...

  10. Had to come here from Lady's blog. It's been too long since I was here last. It looks like you two had a great time.

    I will be attending the 4/15 Tea Party in Harry Reid's backyard of Carson City, NV. If I see Harry, would you like me to tell him something.

  11. Sure Odie... It's actually more of a question, would you please ask him "How do you manage to breathe with your head so far up your ass?"

    Then feel free to slap him for me...

    Have fun in Carson City, we have another one this Friday just south of here in Naples... TCL is going to be out of town, so I'll have to hold down the fort for both of us...

  12. What a super post! I'm glad you met up with TCL. Well done in FL,
    have a great week, P

  13. Thanks Bunni... I've been remiss in my blogging duties, but now have a renewed enthusiasm...

  14. Great post! That is so awesome that you and TCL were able to meet at the Tea party rally. I would love to join in and move to Florida. I always enjoy visiting Florida.

    Odie, If you happen to see Harry Reid could you shove him into an outhouse and lock the door?

  15. Thanks Teresa... When you do come down, where do you go? We're down on the left coast about 2 hours south of Tampa... If you're coming down,let us know, we'd love to meet you and swap war stories...