Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Please allow me to apologise in advance, as  I know some of you are going to be offended by this...

This is a picture of a "Silver Bullet" one for which the Moron-N-Chief is proclaiming we don't possess in order to bring down the price of gas... 

This is a picture of suppositories, of which when I spent four months in spinal cord rehab were affectionately referred to as "Silver Bullets".... (are you starting to see where I'm heading with this)

This is a Chevy Volt, exactly what the Moron-N-Chief says is the answer to high gas prices... He is suggesting that we all run out and purchase more fuel efficient cars... Need I remind you that you and I are on the hook as taxpayers to the tune of $30,000.00 plus for every one of these sold because it costs north of $70,000.00 to produce and sells to the public somewhere north of $40,000.00... Not only couldn't Government Motors produce enough of these beauties to make a dent in gas consumption, if they did, we as taxpayers would be out Billions if not Trillions of dollars in subsidies...

This is a picture of "Oil Wells" that believe it or not, would reduce our dependency on foreign oil, thus bringing down the price of gas... The mere threat of our increasing domestic production of oil would have an immediate effect on the price of crude and the long term would give us back our energy independence...

OK boys and girls, one of these things was designed to be inserted in the rectum, I'll leave the choice up to you... Which of these items would you like to stick up Obama's ass? The oil derricks have a shape more conducive to insertion, but wouldn't you love to shove the Chevy Volt where the sun doesn't shine on Obama?

This was therapeutic for me, I hope you had fun with it as well...



  1. P:
    So glad you decided to start blogging again. You crack me up.
    How about we shove the oil well first and then plug it up with the Volt?

  2. TCL...
    Great minds think alike... I wonder if he has a "back-flow preventer"?

  3. You know, on second thought...why waste a perfectly good oil well???

  4. TCL...
    Again your intelligence and common sense reign supreme...

  5. Gas prices are hurting everyone, here is my whine: my gas bill to go back and forth to work averages $530 per month under current prices. I have a long commute, I knew that when I took the job. I'm just saying. Again sorry to whine!

  6. Nano,

    Everyone has a right to whine, and should be!
    We just need to get it through "dumBO's" pea size socialst head, that every step neccesary to get this country off of foreign oil must be taken and taken immediately.

    The problem with that is if we do it too soon it will blot the memories of the morons who voted for him, and he will stand a better chance of him getting a second term. That last statement made a shiver run up mine spine. No Chris Mathews I did not say down my leg!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  7. Obama is such a freaking moron. How about we shove him in the oil well? The oil well would probably think WTH is this? and spit him right out. He's a worthless POS. He irks me to no end with his lies, his scheming, and his irrationality and nonsense.