Sunday, August 5, 2012


Byron Donalds Republican Candidate
Alfonso Rachel from ZoNation

Why are they the exception rather than the rule?

If you aren't familiar with either Byron Donalds or Alfonso Rachel, do yourself a favor and Google both of these gentlemen because they really get it... If you live in Florida's 19th Congressional District and are registered Republican, (Florida has closed primaries) I urge you to consider voting for Byron Donalds in the August 14th who is running to fill the seat vacated by Connie Mack who is going to unseat Bill Nelson making two Republican Senators from the great state of Florida...

HERE'S a link to Byron's website, please take a look and see why I'm backing him in his effort to win this Congressional seat...

Alfonso and his ZoNation (there are dozens of these videos) are so spot on, you'll want to watch them all...


  1. Zo is awesome! I am not familiar with Byron Donalds. I'll check out his site.

    Just because blacks today don't have chains on doesn't mean that they aren't slaves to the government (Black Republicans being the exception to the rule).

    1. You gotta love ZO!!! Her's a link to a post I made over at T.N.B.C.

      The videos are quite telling as to his perspective...

    2. Bro,

      Byron has my vote as well! He is the only candidate that has actually said what he will do when elected.

      Lock & Load!!!

    3. Byron got my vote...the absentee ballot is on it's way to Florida right now.
      I love Alfonso...he's terrific.

    4. Yes, he's the man... Some of the T.N.B.C. members are at the early voting places supporting Byron... Of course I'm working, "the curse of the drinking class"...

  2. I don't recall his name, but there is a youtube video of an Angry Black Man, and he really gets it.

    Not all Blacks, or Hispanics are as gullible as Obama thinks we are.

    1. Byron Donalds is running for Congress in the 19th district here in Florida... The primary is one week from today... Alfonso or Zo rocks... Go to youtube and search for "ZoNation" you can spend hours listening to him tell it like it is...