Monday, May 31, 2010


I'd like to take this time to thank those of you (Fuzzy, Teresa and others) that have stopped by to show your support, I'm truly humbled to think that we've made an impression on such wonderful people... It took (L)'s post the other day to get me off top dead center as I was suffering from total burnout...

Even though I wasn't here in the BLOGOSPHERE I have been extremely active in our local 9/12 group... I see the difference we are making and it is truly encouraging... We still have our sign wavings in which we get out and show our presence and help others to know they aren't alone in their frustration as to the direction our country is heading, but we've gone further... We realize that it's going to take re-educating (not indoctrination) of our school children... We've started a constitutional studies course in the Lee County Schools, not all by any means, but we've opened the door... We've made it possible to give any student that so desires a pocket size constitution... We've had our first essay contest in a Cape Coral Middle School in which there were 78 entries of which some were extremely impressive... There were gift cards for the top three, with honorable mentions for the top ten non-winners... Yes, that means that 65 students didn't get anything except a feeling of accomplishment and possibly the desire to do better next time... (don't think for a second there wasn't some dumb ass that wanted certificates of participation) NOT ON OUR WATCH...

This coming Saturday we are having a support protest for our Brothers and Sisters in Arizona... Their immigration law must be upheld and may I give Jan Brewer a huge thank you for telling her attorney general to pound sand as she and her lawyers will take on Fedzilla...
(any time you can use a Ted Nugent term, it's a good day)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the FIRE IN MY BELLY still burns strong and that hopefully I can inspire others to take up the good fight... There are 9/12 groups all over this great country of ours and I strongly urge everyone within the sound of my keyboard to get involved...

Our Mantra...


Let me now take the time to in my own small way to pay tribute to all of our brave men and women passed and present who have paid the ultimate price and continue today to serve in our military so that crazy old farts like myself can continue to live free...



  1. Bro,

    I knew I would get you "fired up" and that is a good thing!

    As far as being ten minutes older I always have been and always will!

    For the 1000th time, where are your flag wavings now?

    Will not be able to attend your 5000 Year Leap study group as I will be out of town. Please give Terry Lee a call and invite her. She won't listen to me.

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Next Saturday at the Federal Courthouse in Ft. Myers, from 9-11 a support protest for the Arizona immigration bill... Normally every 1st and 3rd Saturday on Del Prado just south of MacDonalds... Monthly meetings the 2nd Saturday of every month at the North West library on Chiquita north of Pine Island Road... The 4th Saturday we are with the Ft. Myers 9/12 at 41 & Gladiolus... Not sure when the next time there will be 5 Saturdays, but I'm sure we'll figure something out...

  3. Once again wlecome back. I wanted to say that a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach 5th graders about the Declaration of Independence and Valley Forge and let me tell you they ate it up. They were starving for this information. In the end I had them sign the back of a replica copy I purchased online using a quill pen. You should have seen their faces. It really made me feel like this is what we need to be doing more of.
    The experience was very rewarding...I hope to do it again.

  4. John... That's what I'm talking about... BRAVO... We are working on teaching a 5000 Year Leap course next school year... The NCCS has a fabulous course that comes on DVD that we are currently studying in our home with a small group of fellow patriots... KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT...

  5. Fabulous post! I LOVE the work you've been doing with local schools, the Constitution classes are a wonderful idea. How did you get that started? The essay contest is also a great idea. These are things that we can all do in our own communities to help save, preserve, and protect our nation.

    And so true about Jan Brewer, isn't she marvelous?! I definitely support Arizona and think they are doing exactly the right thing.

    I love your mantra, too, we can't sit around waiting for someone else to do it. There is only us. And there is only now.

    I'm glad you're both back, too, you've been missed.

  6. Thanks Fuzzy...
    I personally was not involved in the process of getting into the schools, but I'll certainly find out exactly how it was done...

  7. Great to have you guys back! The "choir" WANTS to be preached to!